Sunday, January 8, 2012


 Tube used in this tut is by Tony Tzanoukakis called Ariel available for purchase at PTE on 1/9/12
FTU scrap kit is by Heartfelt Perfections called Beach Comber( Day 7 freebie)
Animations by Lovey of Love shack. The ones used is waves and crabby
FTU font used is called Clipper Script Fat
 mask19 by horseplay's Pasture
 Filters/Plugins: Xero Gray scaler, Mura Meister Copies

Open a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize the metal frame element by  40%. Apply Mura Meister copies -setting at cards
Open the beach element and resize it by 55%
 Duplicate your frames,mirror and flip.
 Place the paper under the frames. Using your freehand selection tool drawn out the inside of the frames. on the top most and bottom most frame. Sele4ct those again and promote those above the frame layers.
 Add paper 3 and apply mask. merge group,duplicate,mirror and flip.
Resize pebbles by 80%, duplicate, apply Xero-Greyscaler to the bottom one by default and change the blend on the top on to hard light.
Resize  palm leaf and mesh2 by 80%.Sand dollar  and shell3 by 25%. String  and boat 2 by 50%
Place your main tube in the center, duplicate, change top to hard light and lower the opacity a little.
Duplicate the palm leaf and resize it by 50% . Place under the boat.
 Type your name,license number and artist URL.
 To animate  you must paste the merge tag on to AS in layers for 22 frames.
Close the name,tube,boat and two promoted paper layers. Merge the rest and paste to AS.
 open your wave animation and resize it by 50%. Recolor it to the color white as well.
 Paste the wave in several places in the water of the merged tag. don't worry so much about the wave going past the frame so much. that will be covered by the boat and tube layers.
 Now on the two promoted paper layers paste as a new animation 22 time and repeat the wave pate to those as well. Copy and paste the promoted waved paper layers on to the merged tag layers.
IN PSP unmerge your tag and open your tube layer. copy the string, shell tube layers to AS and paste them on to the merged tag.
 Open crabby animation , select all and copy after current frame.Reverse the frames and delete two of the empty frames in the middle. Select all and copy paste on to the merged tag.
 back to PSP Copy thr boat layer three times.
 On the top layer apply your warp mesh and pull down the node as pictured below
this will pull the  sail out alittle like the wind is blowing. on the next boat layer repeat but pull it alittle more down and out. Do alittlr at a time. Repeat with the last layer.
 now using the warp brush set to Expand sized 63 click the bottom of the right sail to look like the wind expand it a  alittle. repeat it again with the other layers but hold it alittlr longer. Don't go too crazy because it wont look natural unless you want cartoon ish :)
Copy the 505 resized palm leaf twice More and merge them with each of the boats. Copy each boat layer to AS as a new animation. Apply image transition effects fade at default Select all and paste on to the merged tag.
 now paste your name in AS as a new animation and then paste to the merged tag ( explanation... why paste as a new animation then paste again to the merged tag? because if you paste directly to the merged tag from PSP the programs alters the size ans sharpness of the graphic.)
 Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking.

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