Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Femme Fatale

Scrapkit By Designs By Sarah named Femme Fatale found here for purchase
 Tube by Zindy S.D. Nielsen found at Zindy-Zone .DK
Font -Renaissance
Eye Candy4-Fire, Jiggle and Gradient Glow

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
 place a resized frame 6 on to the canvas
Place the dress behind the frame and duplicate it to fill. merge and erase the top portion of the dress.
Placeprint1 resized at 80% behind the frame
Resize the curtain by 50%,duplicate,mirror and merge.
Place the heart element in the middle of the curtains.
 Resize the lantern by 25%. Duplicate,mirror and merge. Duplicate it again, free hand select the wicks , promote layer,duplicate twice and apply Eye candy Fire at default. Repeat  the fire effect by changing the seed for each duplicate.
Duplicate the lanterns and apply Gradient glow Diffuse Yellow setting: glow set to 45.17 ,Opacity to 63. Change the color to a light purple from the kit.
 Duplicate this layer twice more.
 Place your tube behind the frame layer. Freehand select the hair and promote the layer above the frame layer. Duplicate the layer twice then add Jiggle at default. Repeat the jiggle effect by changing the seed for each layer.

Copy the first set of merged duplicates to AS.
 then unmerge your tag in PSP.Open the second set of glow lanterns( do not close the first set keep open )
 with the hair and fire duplicates close the first set and open the second set. merge the tag and copy/paste after current frame.
 Repeat with the third and last set. keeping all three glow lantern layers open.
Working in AS apply image transition fade at default to each originally paste frame. Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking


  1. Stunning tag/tutorial! Love your tuts. If you're ever interested in using my animations or templates, please feel free to check them out.

  2. Thanks so much Simone. Ihave used your animarion on Love Candy tut. love your stuff HUGS


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