Monday, January 9, 2012


Scrapkit by Pimp'd Designz called I Love Nerds found here for purchase
tube by Keith Garevy found at PTE
Xero ultravoilet, Xero Porcelin
Filters Unlimited-Noise Filters-Add Noise (RGB)
Filters Unlimited-Video-Interlace
 Drop Shadow-2,-2 40, 4,black

 Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in the color white
 Resize  Pc by 80% and free hand select the screen. promote the layer and duplicate it 5 times
 on the top screen layer apply 3d Effects-Cutout 41,-51,21,91.89 black
The second layer apply Filters unlimited -Noise filters- Add Noise (RBG) at default.
 the third layer  apply Video- interlace at default.
Type the lower case k in the color of the kit using the Web Roads signs size 300. Then use the nodes to match the screen size with the font out line. Convert to raster then click the border and delete it.
On the fourth screen layer change the blend to screen.
Open your close up tube , activate the fifth screen layer invert and delete.
Duplicate the tube twice more. On the bottom tube add Gaussian Blur 6, the middle tube leave as is, the top tube apply Xero Radiance and ultraviolet at default.Change the blend to multiply.
 Add your main tube to the top layer. Duplicate and apply the same filters as we did with the closeup tube. Change blend to multiply and opacity to 52
 Open paper 2 and arrange the swirl behind the tube. Activate the fifth screen layer,invert and delete the excess. Duplicate the layer, change blend to multiply  opacity to 39
Open the print 1 element and move down to the left. Duplicate it and merge.
 place the swirl element above this layer and down to the left.
Resize the following elements
Mesh1 80%
Button1 25%
Cell Phone 30%
cables by 80%
Ribbon 50%
Place the wa1
 Type your name, license number and artist URL.

To animate copy merged tag to AS
Close the name layer for animating later.
Copy the merged fifth screen layer and the rest of the tag to AS
Then copy the Noise RBG tag after current frame. Apply image transition fade.
Then copy the inter lace merged tag. On the last RBG frame apply Image transition blinds at default.
IN PSP open the web font layer and merge with the interlace layer. Copy to AS after current frame. Then copy the last interlace frame and paste after the web font frame
 Copy and paste the paper,closeup tube layers merged tag to AS. On the last interlace layer apply Fade transition.Select all and change the  properties to 20 . on the last frame change it to 60 on the web font frame change it to 30.
 Select all.
Now paste your name layer as a new animation to AS. the same amount of frames as your merged tag. mine ended up being 18 frames.
 Working from the last frame. leave that whole. Using the erasure tool in AS erase the last letter in frame 17. Repeat erasing one letter for each frame. Then when you get to the first letter of your name erase a part of it so it is a piece of the letter. then the frame before it erase the entire name. Repeat this until you get to frame one. Select all then paste to your merged tag.
 Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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