Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simply Love

Scrap used in this tut is by Polka Dot Scraps called Is this Love found here for purchase
Tube used is by Tim Lowery found at PTE for purchase
 mask is by Laurie made me. found here for download mask 124

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
 add paper 6 to the canvas and apply your mask
Resize frame2 by 80% and place in the cemter. Resize paper4 and place as thr frame background.
 open your closeup tubr and place above the frame background. Change the blend to screen and erase the excess tube.
Place the print element behind the frame background to the right.
Resize he sctattre by 80% and place it above the print layer. Duplicate.mirror and flip. Bring it back doen to the bottom of the frame and place above the frame layer.
 Resize the leaves by 80 and mirror. Place  flower 3 above the leaves layer.
 place string1 and bird branch above the flower layer.
 Resize flower2 and love blocks by 40%. Duplicate the leaves and resize by 505 flip and place under the red rose.
Open WA element slect the lips and delete the rest. Add your name,license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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