Monday, January 2, 2012


Scrapkt used in this tut is by Tasha's Playground called Sorrowful You Found at PTE for purchase
The tube  is by Deborah Grieves found at PTE(ready for purchase)
The Image used in this tut is called  Precious Glow by Jon Rattenbury  found in Pack 51 Sunsets sold at PTE
 the Bling used in this tut is called Dragonfly bling  can be found for purchase at PTE
All available for purchase Jan3rd
 Mask 2 by Amy and leah of Gimptastic
Filters/Plugins: Filter Factory A -Pool Shadow, Xenofex2  Flag
 drop shadow-2,-4,48,5 black

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Place the window onto your canvas.
Place paper5 behind the window.
 Resize your image by 50%and place above the paper layer.
 Place your tube close up to the left
 Activate the image layer, invert and delete the paper and tube excess.
 Change the blend to the image and tube to Luminance.
Click inside of the circle on the window and add a new raster layer. paste paper8 into selection.
 Resize  the winged heart element by 50%. Duplicate it  and alter the size of the heart by using the warp brush with these settings:
Click on the center of the heart to expand. then sharpen. close for animating later on.
Place the roses element to the right.
Place the leaves to the left under the frame, duplicate,mirror and flip.
Place the clock to the left under the leaves layer.
Add paper2 and crop your tag. then apply the mask.
 place the sparkles and candle element to your tag.
Freehand select the flame not the glow from the flame and promote the layer. Duplicate it twice.
 Apply Filter factory  A Pool shadow diagonal at 50 then the next layer at  at 200 then the last at  32. Hide the top two layers for animating later.
 type your name in the color from the red paper then apply inner bevel at these settings:
used a light grey for the color.
 To animate the name use Xenofex2 Flag. Duplicate the name twice and apply Xenofex flag at these settings:
Type the artist URL and your license number

To Animate continue on...

Copy and paste Each candle layer to animation shop. Click the first frame and apply image transition fade.After it is applied click the next frame and repeat..Then repeat the last function again. Select all , copy and paste after current frame. Repeat this until you have 18 frame or over 18 frames.

In Psp Merge the entire set aside from the candle,roses, expanded heart and name layer.
Paste to AS 18 times. open your Bling in AS , select all and paste to the merged tag..
Copy the roses element from PSP and add a a new animation,Copy,propagate paste then paste to the merged tag.
Now in AS Copy the faded candle frames and paste on to the merged tag.
Using your CTL button click frames 1,2 4,5 ,8,9,12,13 and 17.
Copy the expanded heart layer in PSP and paste as a new animation. Copy and paste onto  the selected frames.
Copy all name layers to AS from PSP,copy all frames, paste after current frames until you get to 18 frames. Select all  on the merged tag then paste onto the merged tag.
 Save a s a GIF.
Thanks so much for looking

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