Friday, January 6, 2012


 Tube used in this tut is by Jose cano available 1/7/12 called Gothic Toon found at PTE for purchase
FTU kits are by Teresa Treasures called Rock of Ages and Punk Princes
Font AngryBlue
 WSL320  mask was used
Template 71 by Pooker found here for download

 filters/ plugins
Eye candy gradient Glow and Chrome
 Greg Factory Output-Pool Shadow
 drop shadow for tag 5,5 31,5 black

 Open template and resize by 600 pixels .
 delete the Cr,grey circle, dots, teal and white rectangle.
The elements spoken of are from the Rock of Ages  kit
Paste paper2 and apply mask. Merge group and move mask to the top left hand corner. Duplicate , mirror ,flip and bring back up to the right. Merge,duplicate flip and mirror.
Merge grey circle i and 2. Paste paper1 into selection.
Resize button 3 by 30% ad place over the teal circles. Delete the circles when placement is done. Merge them down and duplicate twice. Add Greg;s Factory Output Pool Shadow to all three layers of the button, changing all the sliders by 50 for each layer.
Merge grey square 1 and 2. Apply Eye candy 4 Chrome setting to liquid metal, activate the layer , add a new raster layer and flood fill in a  linear gradient  with these colors C835bb and C439b3. Change blend to multiply.
Apply chrome to the dots layers, add a new raster layer and flood fill in the blue we used in the gradient. Change the blend to hard light.
Paste paper 11 into the selection of  the black circle layer.
 flood fill the teal circle layer with the blue from the gradient and apply Pool shadow.
Add paper 8 into selection of the white strip layer.
 Flood fill the black strip layer with the pink from the gradient and apply pool shadow as well
Grab the swirl element from the Punk princess kit , resize by 805 twice and add a purple gradient glow to it. place this between the two strips we just papered.
 in the same kit grab the toxic bottle and resize by 25%, Free rotate it about 20 to the right, duplicate and mirror.
Open your tubes. One with the horns and wings place  on the bottom and the plain tube on top.
 Place the bottles at the edges of her legs. place a ribbon and wordart from the rock of ages  kit under the bottles.
 Resize feathered heart by 75% twice. Free hand select the wings and promote layer. Copy yo AS and apply image effects compress at default. duplicate the last layer and select all.
 Back at PSP promote the heart and copy paste onto  the wings in AS.
 type your name, license number and artist URL.
 Close the feather heart layers and the top two button layers. Merge the tag and copy to AS.
 unmerge tag open the second set of buttons and paste after current frame in AS. Repeat with the last button set.
 Select all in AS and copy after current frames. you should have 6 frames. Copy your animated winged frames on to the merged tag and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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