Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come and Put Your Name On IT

Tube -Dina toon- By Keith Garvey

Mask Vix112
 Filters/ Plugins:
Xero Moonlight
Xero Dou Chrome
Xero Fitlliary
Eye candy 4 Chrome, Glass, Gardient Glow
Sandflower- Sparkle3
Filters Unlimited-Render
Greg's Factory output- Pool Shadow
 Jeux Lignes De- Enterlacement Mura Meister copies
 Fonts: Weltron,Saginaw,Radius and FFF Urban

 Start with  workspace sized 600 by 300 flood filled in white.
 Flood fill a new raster layer in a radial gardient using two colors from your tube.
 Add your wording i a new layer in white using a pixel font. i used FF Urban and type" You want my cake"
Align to center of canvas, convert to raster then apply Mura Meister Copies Tiling spaced at 2. Then duplicate it twice.
 Using the lighten /darken tool. darken every other  line then alterneate with the next line.
On the seconf layer repeat this function but flipped.
On the third layer darken every 2 lines.
Draw out a large star in the dark color from your gradient foreground set to size 10 background null. Rotate a bit then convert to raster. Click inside with your wand , expand by 2 and promote the background gradient.
Place your close up ,activet the star background,invert and delete. Duplicate the tube. Apply Xero Duo Chrome at default to the top tube,chnage the belnd to saturation (L) and then change the blend on the bottom to soft light.
Add Xero Fritillary to the start border.
Add a new raster layer, use your rectangular selection tool to draw a rectangle in the center and flood fill it with the gradient we used before. Add the medium sized and original sized tubes to fill the rectangle. once done merge the tubes,activate the rectangle,invert and delete. Apply Xero Moonlight at default to the merged tube layer.
 Place the main tube mirrored on the left,activate the background,invert and delete the excess. invert selection then promote the background layer. move this under the tube layer. Change the blend to Luminance (L) and opacity to 37 ,duplicate and change the top to soft light.
Open the medium closeup and place to the left of the tube we just altered, Duplicate it change the top to hard light. then Merge them down and free hand select the earrings. Promote the earrings and freehand select the center of the earrings and delete. Then Duplicate them twice and apply Greg's Factory Output pool shadow changing the seed for each layer.
Keeping the lighter color in your material palette replace the darker color with the color black. Draw a rectangle on the left side then apply Filter Factory Render- Stones at default.
Activate the background layer,contract by 5,invert,add a new raster layer and flood fill in black. Apply Eye Candy chrome black latex to the layer and move it to the top of the tag. Crop your tag and  increase your canvas size by 600 by 600 pixels. Add your main tube,duplicate change the blend to soft light and merge down. Add a thick gradient glow in white and the lighter color from our gradient.
Crop your tag closer to the main tube then add a new raster layer on the bottom. Flood fill it in a linear gradient in the color black and the lighter color from your tube. Apply your mask,merge group,duplicate,flip and mirror. Merge them down and duplicate them twice. Add Sandflower sparkle 3 sized 14 and change the seed for each layer.
Duplicate the last masked layer add Gaussina blur 5 and apply Jeux de lignes-enterlacement
 Type your wordart out as shown adding gardient glow to the words. Add your name,license number and artist URL.  Animate the tag as usual :)
Thanks for looking

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