Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't Break My heart

Tube-Corine by Cedric Poulat Found here for purchase ( soon)
Template 4 -Hugahav's Haven found here for download
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow and HSB Noise
DSB Flux- bubbles
Toadies- Where are you?
Xenofex2- Constellations
 Distort -Glass
Mura Meister -Copies
Font Riesling

 Open the template crop then resize at 600 pixels wide.
 Delete the CR layer.
Flood fill the top and bottom rectangle with your color changer tool with a color from your tube. i used #882b36 then merge them down and apply Adjust-Noise at uniform 17. then duplicate this layer and apply Toadies where are you at 8 for both sliders. Activate the top rectangles invert and apply Xenofex2 constellations to the Toadies rectangle layer.
 Repeat this with the rounded rectangle layer without adding the noise to it.
Add your main tube and apply Mura Meister copies Wallpaper Rotate then apply Distort- Glass to the layer. Activate the Rounded rectangle layer,invert and delete excess. Change the blend to screen.
 Add the tube close up to the tag,change blend to soft light, duplicate,mirror and merge the two tubes. Activate the rectangle layer,invert and delete excess. Change blend to multiply.
 Change both heart layers to the same color we used before and apply HSB noise move slider to eliminate the variation to 0.
 Duplicate both inner rectangle and change the blend to multiply for both.
 Add your main tube and drop shadow it.
 Add a white gradient glow to both word art layers.
  lose the back ground layer and merge visible your tag. Copy and undo merge paste the merged tag in the last layer add Gaussian blur at 5 and apply DBS Bubbles at these settings:
Mirror this layer then move the wordart on the top to the left.
 Type your name,license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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