Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tube-Jose Cano Sophia - sold at PTE
PTU Kit-Wicked Princess-Suzanne Tagger-sold at PTE
 the above coming soon
Mask-Becks 22
 Filters/Plugins- VM Natural-Sparkle,HSB Noise and Gradient Glow- Eye Candy 4

 Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Add paper8 to the canvas, apply your mask, merge group, duplicate ,merge down, apply VM sparkle r=o,G=161,B=159, duplicate ,hard light,merge down again
Rotate fan to have the lace facing up top more,duplicate,mirror,merge down, color change to brown. Duplicate again, flip and merge
Resize drapes at 95%, Piano by 80%, fireplace, candelabra , Rose bush by 50%, old clock and banner by 25%
Free rotate rosebush by 90 degrees to the left,mirror and merge. Duplicate free rotate by 90 again,duplicate and mirror.
Add the dog,you tube, your name,license number and artist URL.

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