Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eternal Beauty

Scrapkit used is by Pimp'd Designz called Eternity found here for purchase
Tube used is by Ida Larsen
VM Natural Sparkle
Eye Candy4 Glass

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Open your pd12 bonus mask  and add a new raster layer. Flood fill this in white and move the layer under the mask. Merge visible.
Open paper 12 and paste onto canvas. Invert mask data and apply mask. Merge group and duplicate. On the bottom mask add Gaussian Blur 5
Add heart 3 to the canvas and duplicate it two more times. Apply VM Natural Sparkle size9 and change the seed for each layer. close the top two layers for animating later on if you chose.
Using your free hand selection tool follow the inside of the heart and add a new raster layer.
 add paper 9 into selection. Duplicate and add Gaussian Blur 5 to the bottom paper.
Resize frame2 by 805 and free rotate 20 to the right. Click inside with your magic wand and add paper 1 as a new raster,invert and delete.
Resize  flower3 by 25%,sharpen and place onto tag.
 Resize your tube by 80% and apply Xero Greyscaler at default ( if you don't have this tube any Victorian looking tube will do)
Resize frame4 by 50%,click inside the frame,expand by 2,add a new raster layer, paste paper 2 into selection. Place resized tube on top of the frame background, erase excess,duplicate change blend to screen and apply Gaussian blur 5.
Resize ribbon2 and mirror.
Resize frame 5 by 35% and click inside with a magic wand, expand by 2, add a new raster layer,paste paper4 into selection, sharpened twice, add resized tube on top  of frame background,erase excess, duplicate apply Xero Ultraviolet at default and blend to mutilpy.
Resize flower2,leaf2 and key by 35%
 Add your name in black and apply Eye Candy 4 glass.Activate,expand by 2,add a new raster layer ,floodfill in a silver gradient. merge down and add a drop shadow.
Add your license number and artist URL
 Copy all duplicate merged tags to AS and save a s a GIF

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