Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fairy Garden

Kit-Secreat Garden-Pimp'd designz-PMTw/S store
Tube-Elias Chatzoudis- PTE
Mask WSL
Font -Angelica
Eye Candy4 -Gradient Glow

 600 by 600 workspace flood fill in white
 Add paper1 and apply mask
Working from the bottom up place frame 4,the door and frame7 on to the canvas.
Using your pick tool set to scale pull the sides of the door until it filled frame7  then erase the bottom of the door.
Place the grass and resized plants4 on top of the frame 7 layer.
under the grass layer place your tube,duplicate it, add Gaussian Blur 5 to the top and change the blend to screen.
Resize plants3 by 80% and place above the  mask layer on each side.
Place element leaf 5 under the door layer.
Place the castle element to the left,duplicate,resize by 35%,mirror and move to the top right.
 place two light elements above these layers.
Resize the dragonfly element by 80%,duplicate and erase the largest dragon fly in the center. Duplicate it and reszie by 50% to place at the top.
 Type your name, license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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