Sunday, February 5, 2012


Scrapkit used is by Pimp'd Designz called Saturday found here for purchase
Tube used is by Zlata M found at
Template 94  that was  used is by Simone of Scrappy Bits of Fun found here for download
Filters/Plugins: Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow and Greg's Factory Output 2 Pool Shadow
Font used Saginaw

Open your template and delete the CR layer.
Place your print behind your template and duplicate it twice. Add Noise -Random- at 30 then 32  for the next layer and 34 for the last. close the top two for animating later.
Place button 3 at opposite corners on the template. see tag for reference.
Copy and paste paper3 into selection of layer 6 of the template.
Activate layer 5 of the temp and paste paper 10 as a new raster layer,invert and delete. Open frame2 and resize it using your pick tool set to scale. Move the nodes until it matches the edges of the paper we just cut.
Resize frame1 by 20% and resize using the pick tool to match the top and bottom of the layer4 of the template. Duplicate and fill the layer until it resembles a film strip. Merge them down. Activate layer 4  of the template and copy paste paper4 into selection.
Plcae flower4 into the inner windows of the frame and erase overlapping. place button1 at the ends
 Copy paste paper1 into selection on  layer 3 of the temp.
 Repeat with layer 2 using paper7. Pick tool resize frame 3 on top of paper7.
 Resize your tube by 70% and change blend to Luminance (L). Activate layer1 of the template,invert and delete tube excess. Flood fill this layer with a gradient using two colors from the kit.
 I used #ceceb4 and #efd2d1
Hi-4 layers i used as a guide to place my flowers.
Flower1 was resized at 50% for the largest heart then duplicated and resized at 80%, duplicate it again and resize at 50% and so on until the hearts are all covered. Then delete the heart layers.
Resize the pin element a bit and free rotate it 20 to the left. Click inside the heart and expand by 2. Add a new raster layer and paste paper5 into selection. Apply Eye candy 4 glass.
 Erase a portion of the pin in the middle and duplicate it twice. Apply Greg's Factory Output-pool shadow for each layer. i clicked the random button until I saw a setting I liked , nothing too dark or  too light. i repeated this for each layer then drop shadow and close the top two layers.
 Activate the wordart layer and add a new raster layer. I floodfilled mine in the darker pink from the kit-#c76972.
I erased the last word in the word art and replaced it with the word Friend in the Saginaw font sized 125. Then add a thick gradient glow and drop shadow.
 Add Noise to the words heart and friend.
 Add your name, license number and artist URL.
 To animate copy paste the duplicate layers merged tag to AS and apply image transition fade to each Original frame. Select all and change the speed to 10. Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking


  1. Thank you for this beautiful tut!
    I used it for a memorial tag for our dog that passed away last month.


  2. Soft Hugs It is gorgeous Thanks so much for sharing. My heart goes to you on your best friend.


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