Sunday, February 19, 2012

Missing You

Kit-Color me White
Designer- Designs by Sarah - BUY IT Here
Tube Artist- Zindy S. D. Nielsen- Buy It Here
Mask- Gemsmask 204- Download Here
Fonts-Splendid Ornamenty and Birkham Script Fancy 2
Filters/Plugins: Xero- UltraVoilet, Eye Candy4 bevel boss and Xenofex2- Constellations
Drop shadow for tag-2,5,20,8 black on font 1,1,20,1 black

600 by 600 flood filled in light grey
Add paper 10 apply mask and merge group.
 Add glittery mess above this layer
 Resize  frame1 by 95%, clikc inside with you wand, expand by 20 , add a new raster layer and paste paper 7 into to selection.
 Add your tube and duplicate it. Add Gaussain blur of 5 to the top, blend to screen and opacity to 57. On the bottom tube add Xero Ultravoilet at default.
 Activate the frame background,invert and delete the tube excess.
Place the tulle at the top behind the frame. Duplicate it resize by 80% and flip.
Apply Xenofex constellations to each tulle layer then drop shadow.
Free rotate flower1 by 110 degrees to the right, sharpen, mirror and place to the right behind the frame.
Resize the feather by 50%. duplicate and place around the tag.
Resize the angel and flower3 by 50%
 Place the white ribbon and type your name and word art. Apply Eye Candy Bevel Boss with these settings:
 Then add your license number and artsits URL.
 Thanks for looking

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