Monday, February 6, 2012


Tube used is by Gothique Starr called Skull Pirate found at PTE (soon)
FTU kit is by Crys called Buried Treasure found here
Mask 211 Insatiable Dreams is found here for download
Fonts JD Jessica here and Plane walker here were used
Distort-Ocean Ripple
Xenofex2 Constellations and Flag
Eye Candy4 Jiggle
Psp functions: Warp brush, Mesh warp,Clone and Drop Shadow

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Add paper 12 then apply your mask.
 Place frame2 onto your canvas and click inside with your magic wand. be sure to get the little pieces by the anchor ,now expand by 8, add a new raster layer and paste paper1 into selection.
Using your rectangular selection tool select the blue water portion and promote layer. Duplicate this twice more. then apply Distort-Ocean Ripple at default. Then change the  sliders by minus 1 for each duplicate layer. Now you notice there might be a black SMUDGE on the top portion. Not to worry. Using your clone tool right click anywhere on the water then fill the black spots with the color. Repeat this for all three duplicate layers. then close the top two layers.
Place your main tube in the center of your canvas. We will work the elements around her.
Place tallgrass1and2 behind the frame layer
Place tall grass3 on top of the frame layer on the left and the rotting old tree2
Activate the tall grass1 layer,select the portion to the left of the tube's barrel then promote the layer above the tree layer.
 Resize your fire element then select the flames on it. promote layer and duplicate it once. Apply Eye candy 4 Jiggle at default. then on the next layer click seed. Close the top two layers.
Resize the rave by 50% then mirror. Place on the tree knob then duplicate twice more. on the top raven using your warp brush set to size 32 warp mode set to expand click and hold until it looks natural (LOL).
On the second layer of the raven leave it be as a natural position. on the bottom repeat the warp but change the warp mode to contract.
 Close the top two layers.
Resize ship 2 by 35%,erase a bit of the bottom to look like it is in the water and apply Brightness/contrast -255/100
Ship 1 resize a bit then repeat the erasing as done above and duplicate the ship twice.
On the top ship apply the warp mesh and pull the node to the top right closest to the ship down to the left a little. on the next layer pull the node on the top left down alittle.  and leave the last layer as is.
Close the top two layers.
 place rope2 on each side of the frame.
Reize the sword by 35%,duplicate,mirror ,merge and place at each corner of the rope.
Resize the net by use of the pick tool to fit and place above the mask layer.
 Type out PIRATE in the JD Jessica font sized 300. Convert to raster then duplicate it three times. on the bottom add a drop shadow. On the top three apply Xenofex2 Constellations at desired settings. change the seed for each layer.
Resize the flag by 25% Or adjust to fit the ship.Duplicate twice then Apply Xenofex2 flag at these settings: uncheck simplified mode then check all the left attachments. change the seed for each layer. then close the top two layers.
Add your name,license number and artist URL.
 To animate we are gonna merge the bottom duplicate first then paste to Animation Shop.
Then we  undo the merge ,close the bottom duplicates then merge the middle set of duplicates. Copy to AS after current frame. Then we repeat this function with the top set of duplicate.
Working in AS Apply Image transition fade at default to each ORIGINAL merged tag. Select all and change the speed to 20. Save AS A  GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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