Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reminiscing About Summer

The tube used in this tut is called WET SUMMER by Elias Chatzoudis found at PTE for purchase
 The image used in the background is called Sunset Swan  By Jon Rattenbury found at PTE( pack 4 MISC) for purchase
The FTU scrapkit is by Tita's scraps and dolls called  Bright Summer found here for download
 the mask used is by Rose called Misfits 13 found here for download
Font used Caramel Candy
Filter/Plugin used Mura Meister Copies( optional)

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
 Open your closeup tube and place on to the canvas.
 i chose two colors from the flower in her hair.
Draw a large circle with a size 5 border. convert to raster and click the border with your magic wand. promote the layer and apply Eye Candy Glass or a shiny Inner Bevel. Then drop shadow- the one i used throughout the tag is 2,-2.37,11 black.
Open your image and stretch with your pick tool to fit.Activate the frame background,invert and delete the excess.
 Add a new raster layer then flood fill with one of the colors you used for the frame. Apply the mask. merge group,duplicate,color change the duplicate to the second color used,mirror and flip. Move both these layers at the bottom.
 Using your freehand selection tool activate the tube's closeup and select the flower. erase any strays and duplicate it. This next step is optional. i applied Mura Meister copies wallpaper rotate and increased the number until the page was completely filled then applied. i used this as a patter for the outline of the name on the tag. You can skip this if you like.
 If not use the duplicate, resize it and duplicate it again to place around the tag.
Because the closeup has some sharp edges we will use those as our guide to placing the leaves.
 Resize the leaves by 80 then 50%. Duplicate it and free roatte it 90 to the left. Move one to the  right and the other on the bottom of the tube.
Resize the grass by 80% and place under the leaves layer.
Resize the Orange string by 50%
Resize the sunflower cluster by 505 ans place above the leaves layer and under the orange string. Duplicate it,free rotate it 90 to the left and place under the leaves layer on the right.
Resize the sparkles by 50%,duplicate and mirror.
 Resize the white flower and place around the greenery.
 Resize the sun spots by 80% and place above the frame background layer.
Resize the green frame ribbon by 600 pixels on it's longest side then 80%. Place it towards the top then duplicate it and move towards the bottom.
 Place your name, artist URL and license number.
 Thanks for looking

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