Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rock The Park

 Tube used in this tut is by Roman Zaric of PTE called Chester
Texture 7  used in this tut is by Scrap Rebellion
Animation used is by Janice of JusGraphx found here
font used 34 emaciation
 Eye Candy 4 Gradient glow
 Eye Candy4 HSB Noise
 Eye candy 4 Glass
Vanderlee Unplugged- pattern Offset
Vanderlee Unplugged- interlace
Toadies raster lines
 Toadies -Direct Opacity
PsP Functions:
Textures-Fine leather
Preset tool-
Animation shop:
 Image Transition-Clock wipe

 Start with a 600 by 300 workspace flood filled in white.
 Flood fill your tag with a gradient. i used two colors from my tube's tattoos
#b1ad90 and #747e8e rectangle repeat 1 invert. Duplicate it and change the blends. on the top change to screen opacity to 42 and the bottom to multiply
Add your texture to the bottom layer and duplicate it twice. on the top layer add Toadies Direct opacity at default and change the blend to soft light. To the middle apply Toadies Raster Lines at default. Duplicate this layer twice more and apply Noise at 100  at random-middle at Gaussian and the last at uniform. hide the top two raster line layers
Add a new raster layer above the gradient layer blend on multiply and paste the tubes in this order below.Merge the tubes down.
Apply Vanderlee Unplugged X-pattern offset level to 18  then duplicate the layer. on the bottom layer change the blend to hard light opacity to 52 and on the top layer change the blend to screen opacity 50.
 Draw a burst shape using your preset tool stroke at 1 in black. Convert to raster,duplicate and mirror.
Merge down then duplicate and apply Eye Candy HSB noise at default then Glass at default on the top layer and drop shadow the bottom layer.
Click inside the bottom layer expand by 4,add a new raster layer then flood fill with the same gradient as used before.
 Duplicate this layer 4 times. on the top layer apply #d Effects Cut out with these settings:

the second layer apply Vanderlee unplugged X- Interlace horizontal scale set to 1, the third layer set to 2 and the third layer set to three. Change all three interlaced layers blend to hard light.
 Open the closeup tube and align with the burst on the left. activate the bottom burst background,invert and delete excess. Change blend of closeup to soft light.
 Now crop your tag. Move the tube layer under the cutout layer.
 place you main tuber onto the canvas
Activate the last layer and  hit selections-select all-float-modify- selection borders set to 1, add a new raster layer flood fill in black. Repeat with the border size of 2 under the black layer flood fill in the green and add noise. Repeat again with border sized 4 flood fill in the blue. Apply HSB noise to the black layer.
 Add your name with a stroke of 1. Convert to raster then duplicate and apply Texture fine leather at default and change the blend o hard light. Add a drop shadow to the bottom layer.
Add the artist URL, license number and artist info

 To animate close all the the layers above the screened gradient layer. Merge visible and copy to AS. unmerge and close the bottom raster lines layer open the middle and merge visible. Copy to AS after current frame and repeat this function with the last raster lined layer. select all in AS and copy.Now paste after current frame until you have  about 72  to 90 frames. i stopped at 72 :)
 Working back in PSP close the merged tag and open the rest of the layers except the top two interlaced layers. Merge visible and copy paste to AS as a new animation. Repeat the pasting with the other  interlace layers. In AS Apply Image transition clock wipe at default. once applied click the next frame and apply again. Copy the first frame then paste behind the last frame of the animation. Click the second the to the late frame and apply the image transition again. delet the last frame. Select all and copy paste after current frame until you have the same amount of frames as your merged tag.
 Now open you notes animation  and resize it by 300 pixels. Select all ,reverse frames and copy and paste on to the merged tag frames to the left. then Select all on the interlaced frames and copy paste on top of the merged tag. Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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  1. I just want to tell you how VERY much I enjoyed doing this tutorial. I Loved the challenge turned out to be more of a challenge than I was expecting it to be and I Loved it!! Thank You


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