Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whispers In Purple

Scrapkit-Whispers-Designs By Sarah- PMTw/S Store
Tube- Zindy S.D Nielsen - Zindy
 Mask and font of choice

Resize frame4 by 80% and place vframe3 on top of it
Resize paper6 by 600 pixels and apply mask
pace flowetr7 at the top left,duplicate mirror and flip. Activate the center of frame4  and delete the flower parts in the middle.
Place greenry1above frame 4 layer and promote the layer activated in the center. on the original pasted greenery delete the center promoted. Change the blend of the promoted portion to soft light.
 Resize you image by 65%,invert the selection and delete the excess. Change blend to overlay.
Resize the tree by 50% and place around the tag flipping,mirroring to fill some spaces
 Resize the bird and swirl2 by 35%.
 Resize flower3 and  9,swirl1 and ribbon1.
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 Thanks for looking

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