Friday, March 9, 2012

Irish Sexy

Tube- Sexy By Sebastian Serrano 
Kit-Get me Irish On
Where-Creative Misfits Creations-Here
 Template2- by Tina Download here
 Animation Green shamrocks23 by Janice download here
Font- Durkin

Open your template and resize it by 600 pixels wide delete the CR.
Resize feather1 by 50% and place on each side of the template. move this to the last layer.
 Resize  netting1 by 75% and place as the last layer.
Merge the bottom and top rectangles. open Lace 1 and place over the rectangles. Activate them, invert and delete excess.
Activate black rectangle layer and copy paste pp7 into selection.
 Resize Ric Rac2 by 50% free rotate it 90 to the left and place at each end of the rectangle. Erase any overhang.
Merge all the pink rectangles and copy paste pp2 into selection.
Paste pp1 into top square and bottom square then merge them down. Duplicate them and change the blend to Multiply. do this again  then merge. Duplicate and change the blend to hard light.
 Place the closeup tubes in the center of each paper,invert and delete the excess. Duplicate the tube, add Xero -Radiance to the bottom tube at default,blend to screen. The top tube change the blend to hard light.
 Flood fill the frames in a dark green and add noise to them.
Resize lips1 and coin by 35%. Duplicate them and change the blend to  multiply.
Add your main tube and resize her by 955. Duplicate it and change the blend to hard light.

 Drop shadow everything. Add your name, license number and artist URL.

 To animate merge the white background, netting and feathers.
Merge all of the white stripes layers.  then merge down with the white background, feathers and netting. Copy and paste to AS as a new animation 60 times.
 open your animation and select all. copy paste to the merged tag over the white stripes parts on the top and bottom right. on the top left part.. the bottom left part is hard to reach so don't past it there yet. Go back to your animation and resize it by 505 then paste on the bottom left. Select all.
 heading back to PSP unmerge the tag. Select the stripes layer and hide it. Merge visible the entire tag. Now open the striped layer , activate, selection, select all and hit delete on the merge tag.
 Copy the merged tag as a new animation 60 times. then select all and paste over the animated merged tag.
 Back at PSP Copy the white striped layer and apply Effect-3d Effects -cutout at default and choose a transparent background. Copy and paste this to AS 60 times and paste over the white striped area. Copy and paste the lips and coin elements as well to AS since they got cut off in the transfer. Save a s a gif. Thanks for looking.

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