Friday, April 27, 2012

Southern Sweet

KIT-Deep in the heart
TUBE-Keith Garvey at PTE
FONT-Scrappy Looking
Xero Bad Dream
Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
Sandflower-Color Boosters
Drop shadow for tag 3,3 47,11 except the stars/signs and name 3,3 100,3

Start with a600 by 600 work space flood filled in white.
Add paper1 and apply mask.
Add wooden frame clicks inside and expand by 6. Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper4 into selection. Repeat with paper2 but contract by 12  then invert to delete.
Duplicate the paper then apply #d Effects cutout at these settings. Then duplicate the cutout, mirror, duplicate and flip. merge the cutout frame together.
 Free rotate clay star button 15 to the left, duplicate, apply Sandflower-Color booster twice and change the blend to hard light.
place your main tube in the center, duplicate and apply Xero- Bad dream at these settings:

then change the blend to multiply.
Open beaded frame and place on top of the wooded frame to the left. then duplicate and move to the right. Erase the overlapping center portions. then merge them together.
Resize snap by 25% and place on the corners with no beads.
Place southern and sweet at the edge of the tube. Align the tags and trim the one to match the width. then merge together. Resize ribbon1 by 25% and place on the top and bottom of the tags. then Resize the knot by 50% and place on each side.
 Resize felt heart and guitar by 50%
 place the pinwheel and heart string on to your tag.
 resize clay star button 3 by 15% and apply Mura Meister Copies Encircle
 then duplicate and resize by 95% twice and colorize to the color white. Repeat this function and colorize it  blue.
Add your name, artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Want Your

Kit-Your Addiction
Designer-TK Dezigns FTU kit here
Tube-Verymnay at
Font-Simply gorgeous
 Start with a 600 by 600 work space flood filled in white.
 Resize element 14 by 95%
Place frame6 , click inside ,increase by 12,activate the mask layer and promote the layer.paste paper9 invert and delete. Do not deselect. Open your tube closeup place between the promoted mask and paper and hit delete. Change the blend to the mask to dodge, the tube to Luminace .
 Resize element 10 by 80% and element7 by 25%. place the buttons on each side of the banner.
Resize element 27 and 16 by 80%.
 Place element 6 to the left, duplicate resize by 50% ,mirror and place  to the right under the frame layer.
 Add your name, artist URL and license number. 
 thanks for looking

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kinky Bish

TUBE-Classy Kink
ARTIST-Gina King 
KIT-Kinky Bitch by Purple found here for download
Kit had been removed but another kinky kit will do )
TEMPLATE-template188 by Addictive pleasures found here

Open your template and resize it by 600 pixels wide an delete the CR and hoodie wordart.
Place glitter spill2 as the last layer,duplicate and flip.
Repeat with the wire element as well.
I had colorized the kit to match my tube by way of ADJUST-Hue and Saturation -Hue Map. Then move the sliders to match the color of your tube. After you have colorized each element before copying and pasting you are doing OK LOL.
On raster 11 copy and paste paper 17 into selection. Then paste the paper again and resize it by 50%.
Activate raster 10 position your resized paper to fill, invert and delete the excess.
Place the chain element on the edges of the raster layer . Use the pick tool to match the angle and erase any overhang.OR Free rotate the top chain 15 to the left and for the side duplicate the chain free rotate 90 to the right, duplicate and mirror :).
Copy and paste paper4 into raster 7 then place star cluster2  mirrored over this layer.
Resize paper 11 by 25% and arrange to fit raster 5. Merge then activate the layer invert and delete the excess.
Copy and paste paper 7 into selection of raster layer 4.
Repeat with raster layer 3 with paper2 then duplicate it and change the blend to multiply.
 Resize feather1 by 50% and place behind raster 8. Add noise of 100 to raster 8 and place frame2 resized at 70% over raster 8.
Place ribbon4 flipped and moved to the top over this layer.
 paste paper20 into  selection of raster 13.
Activate raster layer6 place paper15 as a new raster layer ,invert and delete the excess.
Place the star cluster2 over this layer.
Then place diamonds on the top and bottom of raster 6 merge, invert and delete excess. Apply Xenofex2 Constellations to the diamond layer.
Paste your closeup of your tube resized at 50% and apply Xero- Greyscaler at default. lower the opacity to 56%
Resize the sign and glitterball by 25% and mirror feather1.
Colorize raster12, duplicate and multiply until it is dark enough.
Resize bow 2 by 35% and free rotate it 15 to the left. 
Resize charm2 and rose 2 by 25%, bracelet by 50%, rose1 by 35%
 place the colorized wordart. Place the ribbon4 under it, duplicate it and mirror.
Place cuffs2 over the wordart and erase some bits.
 Add your mai tube,duplicate it and change the blend on the top to Overlay
 Add your name,artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Dino

Designer-Polkadot Scraps
FTU Kit Here
Fonts-Doodle cream and sugar and LD Mixed
Eye Candy Gradient glow
 Gems mask 205 dll here

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace
Add paper5 andf apply mask. use pick tool to stretch the mask once merged group to each end of the canvas.
Place frame 3 on to the canvas and click inside with your magic wand. Expand by 2 and add a new raster layer. Copy and paste paper4 into selection.
Resize the sun and tree by 50%.
Resize leaves1 and leaves 2 by 25%.
 place leaves 1 around the branches of the tree. Resize the leaves again by 50% to fit the smaller branches. free rotate them to match the angle.
 place leaves2 behind the tree to the left and duplicate,mirror . Bring it back to the first leaves2 to make a bush. Merge them down them duplicate and change the blend to screen. merge it down then duplicate and mirror.
Resize grass by 70% and mirror. Place over the tree layer. Duplicate and resize by 50% and place above the frist grass layer. Duplicate and move to the right.
 Click outside the frame layer then activate the grass layers and delete.
 Resize the egg and dino 1 by 25% and place between the grass layers.
Resize the bird by 20% and flower 3 by 15%. place the flowers around the tree
 Resize dino2 and leaf by 50% and place to the right\.
Resize scatter 2 and 3 by 70%. Free rotate scatter 3 90 to the right.
Resize flower 6 by 35%, flower 2 by 355 then 80% and flower 1 by 40%
 Resize ribbon 2 by 50%.
 Type your name in the doodle font and apply an inner bevel of choice a  thick white gradient glow.
Your artist/designer copyright and URL.
 Thanks for looking

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tube-Emerald Eyez called Mondaysgirl 
Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy Chrome
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
 Fonts FFF Urban, Impact and Inspiration

Start with a 600 by 300 workspace flood filled in white
Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in a  sunburst  gradient repeat set to 5 with these two colors from your tube.#243c77-background and the foreground is #162241 Add the main tube to the left and duplicate it. on the top tube change the blend to Luminace (L) on the bottom tube apply Mura Meister Copies Line  with these settings:
 Then change the blend to overlay.
 Paste your tube again and move it to the right and up a bit to show a different area of the tube.
 Type out your wording in the FFF Urban in size 8 pixels. I typed Sex is good, align to center of canvas then convert to raster and apply Mura Meister copies Line at default. Duplicate and move one to the top behind the tube layers and the other to the bottom on top of the tube layers. Change the blend to soft light for both.
Activate the bottom layer and Go to Selections- Select all - Modify- Select selection borders size 5, promote the layer then ally Eye Candy Chrome Blue steel to the  border. the Apply Eye Candy Gradient glow in a thick white.
Next type out the word SEX in the impact font sized 125. Covert to raster and duplicate it twice. On the middle word free rotate it 25 to the left. on the top wording free rotate it 25 to the right. Drop shadow all three layers.
Close the SEX layers and merge visible. Copy to Animation shop as a new animation. Then unmerge the tag in PSP and open the bottom SEX wording( the straight one) Merge visible and copy to AS after current frame. Click the first frame and apply Image transition fade at default. Then come back to PSP and repeat paste the other sex layers to AS. Repeating the fade transition. Select the frame 9 to frame 22 copy paste after current frame , reverse the frames. Copy the straight frame which is the frame 8 and apply image transition fade as well to the last frame.
 Working in PSP with the gradient in the foreground draw a make square,align to center of canvas the convert to raster. Apply Mura Meister Copies Line at default and move above the pixel writing . Duplicate and move the other under the pixel writing. erase any boxes on the top line covering the tubes. Merge the lines together and duplicate it. Add a drop shadow to the bottom line. Now using your lighten /darken tool light every other box. The merge down the shadowed line and copy to AS as a new animation. Come back to PSP umerge the line undo the lighten boxes then repeat the lighting with the opposite boxes. Merge down and copy after current frame. Select all and copy after current frame until you have 42 frames. Select all then copy onto the merged tag.
Now type out your license number, artist URL and your name.
 Copy to AS as a new animation. Propagate paste then paste on to current selection ( provided you selected all on your merged tag.
 Save a s a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Pearls Of Silence

Tube used in this tut is called" Be Quiet" by Alicia Mujica 
Filters used:
Eye candy Glass and Gradient glow
Mura Mietser Copies- H Tile line and Line
Distort-Polar Coordinates
Font Callie's hand
Animation Shop transition function-blinds

Start with the forum sized tag 600 by 300 flood filled in white.
 Add your tube and apply Mura Meister Copies H Tile Line at default. Duplicate it and apply Gaussian blur at 20 to the bottom. Duplicate it flip and mirror then merge the blurred layers. Duplicate the blurred layers twice and apply Distort polar coordinates rectangle to polar on the top layer and polar to rectangle on the middle layer.
On the top  original H tiled layer change the blend to dodge.
 place the tube once more and move to the far right. Duplicate and move to the left. duplicate and change the top tube's blend to soft light..
Place the closeup and free rotate 90 to the left, freehand select the string pearl hearts  selection type set to -point to point,mode-add shift,feather15 smoothing0.
invert and delete,copy and paste as a new layer then apply Mura 
meister Copies-line at default and move to the bottom. d
Delete the original pearl layer. click inside the loop and floodfill with a sunburst gradient with two colors from your tube. add a new raster layer then move it under the lined pearls.
 Place you closeup tube,duplicate it change the blend to soft light
Add your name,artist URL and our license number.
 Add to Animation shop each of the changed background in a separate frame. Apply Image transition blinds at default and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happiest Day

Tube by Judy Mastrangelo called birthday goodies 
FTU blog train kit by dancing Princess Designs called forget me not found here
Mask by Monti circle mask found here
Filter Eye Candy4 Jiggle and Gradient glow
 Font- any script you desire

Resize element 6 by 40% then 80%
Resize paper4 by 20% duplicate. Apply the mask to the bottom paper and use the top paper as the frame background. Click inside the frame and expand by 4, invert and delete.
 Resize element3 by 600 pixels on it's longest side, duplicate mirror and flip.
place these under the mask layer.
Resize element 7 by 400 pixel wide and place on the bottom.
Place your tube in the center and duplicate.
 Add yout drop shadow to both layers. close the bottom layer for now. Freehand select the skirt of the dress  and promote the layer. Duplicate it until you have three promoted skirts.
 Repeat with the back of the hair of the tube.
To the promoted hair parts add Eye Candy Jiggle Browian motion and set the pixels to 1000.00.. Add to each layer by chnaging the seed.
 Repeat this motion with the skirt promoted layers but use the default settings to bubbles and pixels at 100.00.
 Close the promoted layers.
 Add your name and apply a thick gradient glow.
Add your license number and artist URL.
 To animate copy paste the merged promoted layers separately to animation shop and apply the fade transition at defsault to each frame.
 Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Monday, April 2, 2012

Precious Evening

Tube used in this tut is called The Bait By Elias Chatzoudis 
FTU kit is by Moos' Scrap called Night Illusion found here for download
FTU image called Gold Coast Moon is available for download here from
( click the download  down arrow next to the donate button)
Filters: Eye Candy-Glass and Gradient Glow,Xenofex2 Constellations
Two fonts needed. a  plain text font and script font of choice
Masks used 20/20(search the net for this free mask) and Irmask150 by Lauriemademe found here

Resize element 28 by 600 pixels on it's longest side.
Repeat with element2 and 51.
Place elemnt 2 and 51 above element 28.
Clikc inside element 28,expand by 2 , add a new raster layer and paste the image into selection. Duplicate it and add Gaussian blur5 to the bottom image.
Resize paper4 by 20% and apply mask 150,merge group and duplicate.
 Apply paper again and apply the 20/20 mask twice. Merge group select all, contract by 20 and apply Xenofex2 constellations.
Place your tube in the center of the frame.
Resize element 24 by 500 pixels on it's longest side and change the color to white. place at the bottom edge of the tube. Duplicate and add Gaussian blur5. Duplicate both ,mirror and flip. move the top pair below the frame.
Resize element 3 by 70% Paste again and resize by 155. Move the larger one to the left of the tube and the smallest one up top.
Resize element 32 by 500 pixels on it's longest side and change the color to black. Add Xenofex2 constellations to it. Duplicate and add Gaussian blur 5 to the bottom image.
Now open the closeup tube and freehand select the flower in her hair,invert and delete. Clean the edges, duplicate,mirror and duplicate again then flip. bring them together and drop shadow each flower then merge them down. Duplicate the bunch add Gaussian blur 5 to the bottom bunch.
Type the word Precious in script and the word Night in all caps in the impact font.
Add your name and apply Eye candy Gradient glow in black then add glass.
Add your license number artist URL.
 Thanks for looking
( good to be back after surgery :))