Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happiest Day

Tube by Judy Mastrangelo called birthday goodies 
FTU blog train kit by dancing Princess Designs called forget me not found here
Mask by Monti circle mask found here
Filter Eye Candy4 Jiggle and Gradient glow
 Font- any script you desire

Resize element 6 by 40% then 80%
Resize paper4 by 20% duplicate. Apply the mask to the bottom paper and use the top paper as the frame background. Click inside the frame and expand by 4, invert and delete.
 Resize element3 by 600 pixels on it's longest side, duplicate mirror and flip.
place these under the mask layer.
Resize element 7 by 400 pixel wide and place on the bottom.
Place your tube in the center and duplicate.
 Add yout drop shadow to both layers. close the bottom layer for now. Freehand select the skirt of the dress  and promote the layer. Duplicate it until you have three promoted skirts.
 Repeat with the back of the hair of the tube.
To the promoted hair parts add Eye Candy Jiggle Browian motion and set the pixels to 1000.00.. Add to each layer by chnaging the seed.
 Repeat this motion with the skirt promoted layers but use the default settings to bubbles and pixels at 100.00.
 Close the promoted layers.
 Add your name and apply a thick gradient glow.
Add your license number and artist URL.
 To animate copy paste the merged promoted layers separately to animation shop and apply the fade transition at defsault to each frame.
 Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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