Monday, April 9, 2012

The Pearls Of Silence

Tube used in this tut is called" Be Quiet" by Alicia Mujica 
Filters used:
Eye candy Glass and Gradient glow
Mura Mietser Copies- H Tile line and Line
Distort-Polar Coordinates
Font Callie's hand
Animation Shop transition function-blinds

Start with the forum sized tag 600 by 300 flood filled in white.
 Add your tube and apply Mura Meister Copies H Tile Line at default. Duplicate it and apply Gaussian blur at 20 to the bottom. Duplicate it flip and mirror then merge the blurred layers. Duplicate the blurred layers twice and apply Distort polar coordinates rectangle to polar on the top layer and polar to rectangle on the middle layer.
On the top  original H tiled layer change the blend to dodge.
 place the tube once more and move to the far right. Duplicate and move to the left. duplicate and change the top tube's blend to soft light..
Place the closeup and free rotate 90 to the left, freehand select the string pearl hearts  selection type set to -point to point,mode-add shift,feather15 smoothing0.
invert and delete,copy and paste as a new layer then apply Mura 
meister Copies-line at default and move to the bottom. d
Delete the original pearl layer. click inside the loop and floodfill with a sunburst gradient with two colors from your tube. add a new raster layer then move it under the lined pearls.
 Place you closeup tube,duplicate it change the blend to soft light
Add your name,artist URL and our license number.
 Add to Animation shop each of the changed background in a separate frame. Apply Image transition blinds at default and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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