Monday, April 2, 2012

Precious Evening

Tube used in this tut is called The Bait By Elias Chatzoudis 
FTU kit is by Moos' Scrap called Night Illusion found here for download
FTU image called Gold Coast Moon is available for download here from
( click the download  down arrow next to the donate button)
Filters: Eye Candy-Glass and Gradient Glow,Xenofex2 Constellations
Two fonts needed. a  plain text font and script font of choice
Masks used 20/20(search the net for this free mask) and Irmask150 by Lauriemademe found here

Resize element 28 by 600 pixels on it's longest side.
Repeat with element2 and 51.
Place elemnt 2 and 51 above element 28.
Clikc inside element 28,expand by 2 , add a new raster layer and paste the image into selection. Duplicate it and add Gaussian blur5 to the bottom image.
Resize paper4 by 20% and apply mask 150,merge group and duplicate.
 Apply paper again and apply the 20/20 mask twice. Merge group select all, contract by 20 and apply Xenofex2 constellations.
Place your tube in the center of the frame.
Resize element 24 by 500 pixels on it's longest side and change the color to white. place at the bottom edge of the tube. Duplicate and add Gaussian blur5. Duplicate both ,mirror and flip. move the top pair below the frame.
Resize element 3 by 70% Paste again and resize by 155. Move the larger one to the left of the tube and the smallest one up top.
Resize element 32 by 500 pixels on it's longest side and change the color to black. Add Xenofex2 constellations to it. Duplicate and add Gaussian blur 5 to the bottom image.
Now open the closeup tube and freehand select the flower in her hair,invert and delete. Clean the edges, duplicate,mirror and duplicate again then flip. bring them together and drop shadow each flower then merge them down. Duplicate the bunch add Gaussian blur 5 to the bottom bunch.
Type the word Precious in script and the word Night in all caps in the impact font.
Add your name and apply Eye candy Gradient glow in black then add glass.
Add your license number artist URL.
 Thanks for looking
( good to be back after surgery :))

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