Friday, April 27, 2012

Southern Sweet

KIT-Deep in the heart
TUBE-Keith Garvey at PTE
FONT-Scrappy Looking
Xero Bad Dream
Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
Sandflower-Color Boosters
Drop shadow for tag 3,3 47,11 except the stars/signs and name 3,3 100,3

Start with a600 by 600 work space flood filled in white.
Add paper1 and apply mask.
Add wooden frame clicks inside and expand by 6. Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper4 into selection. Repeat with paper2 but contract by 12  then invert to delete.
Duplicate the paper then apply #d Effects cutout at these settings. Then duplicate the cutout, mirror, duplicate and flip. merge the cutout frame together.
 Free rotate clay star button 15 to the left, duplicate, apply Sandflower-Color booster twice and change the blend to hard light.
place your main tube in the center, duplicate and apply Xero- Bad dream at these settings:

then change the blend to multiply.
Open beaded frame and place on top of the wooded frame to the left. then duplicate and move to the right. Erase the overlapping center portions. then merge them together.
Resize snap by 25% and place on the corners with no beads.
Place southern and sweet at the edge of the tube. Align the tags and trim the one to match the width. then merge together. Resize ribbon1 by 25% and place on the top and bottom of the tags. then Resize the knot by 50% and place on each side.
 Resize felt heart and guitar by 50%
 place the pinwheel and heart string on to your tag.
 resize clay star button 3 by 15% and apply Mura Meister Copies Encircle
 then duplicate and resize by 95% twice and colorize to the color white. Repeat this function and colorize it  blue.
Add your name, artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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