Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got Milk?

Tube-Rita by Newpopart  
FTU Kit By Alika Scraps called Loveable Pink Princess Found here
Template 441 by Missy Found here
Mask by Chelle  297 found here
Font  Crispy Found here, pussycat
and a pixel font i used FFF Urban
Filters /Plugins:
Xenofex2- Constellations
 Eye Candy 4Chrome and gradient glow
 Eye Candy 5 -Impact perspective shadow
Xero- Fritillary

Open your template and delete the CR layer, rectangle back and outline layer.
 Place as33 in the center of the template. Then place  your tube on top of the chair.Duplicate the tube twice. On the top tube chnage the blend mode to burn and opacity to 66. The middle tube add a drop shadow of 2,3,18,5 black. On the bottom tube apply Eye Candy Impact-perspective shadow setting set to "wide perspective, in back" and move the nodes to match my picture below
Now close these layers for the moment while we work on the template.
Using the color #f100de and #c2037d  make a linear gradient repeat 1.
Select center circle2 and add a new raster layer. Flood fill it with our gradient and apply Xero Fritllary with these settings:
Under the center circle 3 layer place as 19 aligning it with the center circle layer then delete it
Resize as30 by 80% and place on each side, mirror and flip.
Add a thick gradient glow with the #f100de color to the frame 1 and 2 layers.
Copy/paste paper 3 into the selection of frame background 1 and 2. then place the closeup tube in each frame. invert and delete the excess. Change the blend to luminance. Using a pixel font type " Got Milk?" align to center then convert to raster and apply Mura Mesiter copies Tiling angled and spaced at 2. Merge the frame backgrounds, activate them invert and delete the wordart tiling excess. Change the blend to soft light.
Activate circle1 and contract by 10. place  as18 and over the circle and hit delete. Duplicate the mirror ball.mirror and move over the circle on the left. Apply Eye Candy 4 chrome settings set to black latex to the circle 1 and2 layers. Duplicate both layers and change the blend on the top to multiply.
Resize as26 by 50% and place over the star layers then delete the stars.
Merge the rounded edge rectangles and copy paste paper9 into selection.
Activate center circle 4 and add a new raster layer flood fill it with the same gradient as before but change the angle to 45 and the repeat to 3. Apply the same filter as before,Selections-modify-selection borders size 4 -Brightness/contrast settings to-255 and 100 .
 Copy/paste paper 7 into selection of the rectangle layer.
Flood fill square1 and 2 layers using the color changer tool with the #f100de color.
AS21 is placed at the last layer,duplicate it and change  the blend to multiply,
Merge it down and duplicate it. Mirror then flip.
Flood fill a new raster layer with the first gradient we used and apply your mask.
 To make our circular wordart draw a circle the size of the frame we place on the template. Do not convert to raster,grab your text tool and click the edge of the circle type using the pussycat font sized 48 in black." I can do your body good" Close the circle layer then convert to raster. Apply black latex again then a thick gradient glow using two colors.
Resize as16 by 50% and place on the top of the circle. merge them down and drop shadow.
 Open your tube layers and chair layer.
 Add desired elements to the tag starting off at 50% resizing then adjusting from there if needed.
 Add your name, artist URL and license number.
 Thanks for looking

Sunday, May 27, 2012


KIT  CLICK ( Free to use kit here )
TUBE JOSE CANO  purchased AT PTE available here

 START with a 600 by600 work space flood filled in white
 Add paper 6and apply DBV MASK 107
Place frame1 on to the canvas then click in each of the rings, expand by 2 and add a paper in a new raster layer.
 I added ( starting from the outer rings) paper1, paper 2 and paper 4.
 Resize element 6 by 80% and place between paper 1 and 2 layers. on top of paper 4 layer place element 13,duplicate it to darken.
Resize frame4 by 90% and place above the frame layer.
 click inside the boxes and add paper as a new raster layer,
 Place your close tube as desired
 place your main tube, duplicate it add Gaussian blur of 3 and soft light the layer.
Resize element 16 and 9 by 70%
 resize element 10 by 50%
Place element 22 as desired.
 Add your name, artist URL and license number. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gurl That Look Is Criminal

 I haveICNET-filters- Filters unlimited2 that is what I am using

Open the template and place your main tube behind the word art layers.
flood fill the grey circle with a sunburst gradient repeat at 2 wit two colors from your tube. I used #85092f and #857f81 then place a resize silhouette 3J at 50% to the left, 3C at 65% in the middle and 3a to the right.
 Add a gradient glow to all silhouettes with the same color you used in the gradient we just flood filled.
Then activate the circle invert and delete the excess.
Apply Eye Candy 4 Chrome at default to the grey oval then change the color to black.
the white oval add Texture-weave at 2, 5,1 with the same color we used for the gradient glow.
Flood fill the grey strip in #d63d6c and add your closeup tubes to each side and change the blend to screen. Erase any overhang.
Flood fill the dark grey strip in a sunburst gradient using the darker pink and black.
Add Noise to the grey strip at 100 twice.
Add a gradient glow to the back circle and add the closeup tube, invert and delete the excess change the blend to luminance.  place all three silhouettes we used before and resize them at 50%. Change the color to white then merge them down and add a gradient glow. place them over the closeup layer and changed the blend to soft light.
Add a gradient glow to the original white layer of the criminal wordart.
Criminal yellow colorize it then duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
Add the same glow to the that look is layer and apply the same weave texture as before.
 the girl layer add a black gradient glow.
Now Crop your tag, close the background and merge visible. Copy the tag then undo the merge visible and paste as a new layer. Align the merged tag then duplicate it twice more. move one duplicate above the white background layer. the top two merged tags will remain  on top.
On the top merged tag apply Deformation dementia at default. Change the blend to screen and opacity at 78
 the next merged tag apply FFA-Gunsite at default and change the blend to luminance.
The bottom merged tag apply VM Distorttion tile ago go. Duplicate and flip. Merge them down and apply Round Edge 7. Duplicate this twice. the bottom circle apply Ommadawn at default.
 the middle remain the same the top change the blend to screen.
Add our name, license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for trying my tut

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pink Sugar


Start with a workspace 650 by 650
Place frame5 on to your canvas
Resize element6 by 50% then apply Mura Meister line number at 6 then place under the frame.
place paper 10 and select under the beads invert and delete.
 Resize paper3 by 50%and pace above the bead line, duplicate to fill, then erase excess.
 place your tube to the left , click inside the frame, expand by 3 invert and delete the tube and beads excess.
Place element3 under the frame toward the top and element 12 towards the bottom on top of the frame layer.
Place element 14 on the top of the frame and word art 1 on top of it.
resize element 19 by 25% and place under the wordart toward the left.
Resize element 4,10,8 and 9 by 25% and place to the bottom right.
 Add paper2 as the last layer then crop your tag, apply your mask, add your name, license number and artist URL.
 thanks for looking.

A Pirates Life

Tube Artist Jose Cano 
Template PunkyButts 92 here
FTU Kit-Pirate Booty here
Font Planewalker

Open your template and increase the height to 600.
 Add your main tube to the top center of your template.
 Delete the CR , wordar tlayers,star and small circle layers.
Resize all the papers to 600 pixels.
Resize paper7 by 50% and free rotate 22 to the left. Place over left  rectangle. invert and delete the paper excess.
Repeat on the right side with paper 8.
Resize x marks the spot element by 500 pixel wide and add a gradient glow in red and white. place to the top left , duplicate mirror and flip. these should be placed right above the rectangle layers we just papered.
Resize hat by 500 pixel wide and place between the rectangle, duplicate change the blend to multiply and place you mirrored close up to the right on the hat. change the blend on the tube to  soft light and opacity to 68. Activate the hat ,invert and delete the tube's excess.
Copy and paste paper11 into left circle, paper 12 into right circle and paper1 into left/right circle2.
Copy and paste paper 3 into the center circle.
Copy and paste paper 5 into the center circle frame and the left circle frame. Add an inner bevel to the center frame and noise to the left frame.
Copy and paste paper 6 into the left and right circle 2 frames and add noise. Colorize frame of the right circle to black and add noise.
Flood fill the small left and right circle in a linear gradient. Add the tube part in each circle , change the blend to overlay. Resize the crossbones4 by 25% and change the blend to hard light.
On the bottom rectangle layer copy and paste paper 16 into selection then copy paste paper 13.
 Resize the word art and add the same gradient glow we added before.
Add sand2 resize to 600 pixels around the tag then merge them down and place as the last layer.
Resize tattered ribbon by 25% then 50% and place on each side. erase the over hag then resize the  beads by 25%..
Resize the compass by 25% and the coin by 15%.
 Resize the water droplets by 255 then apply Mura Meister copies wallpaper rotate at default. Or place them around the tag as you wish.
 resize string1 by 500 pixels wide.
 place your main tube, name, license, number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bad Boy




Start with a 600 by 300 sized work space flood filled in white.
 Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in a starburst gradient repeat set to2 with #7a2721 in the foreground and #22335a in the background.
Duplicate it and change the blend to screen
 Duplicate it again and apply LenK Trouble at default. Duplicate this three times. on the top striped layer add jeans at 94,2,2, change the blend to overlay and the opacity to 39
On the next three layers apply Xenofex2- Burnt edges at default and change the seed for each layer. Close the bottom two burnt edged layers for animating later.
 Add your tube to the left above the screened gradient layer and change the blend to multiply. Duplicate,mirror and change the blend to soft light.
 Place your main tube in the center and drop shadow.
 To make the border freehand select the portion of the belt. Cut, then paste as a new layer and apply Mura Meister copies line  number at 6. Resize this at 50% then copy and paste around the edges of the tag to make the border, merge then down.
 Type out in the Impact font the word bad boy in size 150 and change the blend to soft light. Drop shadow then duplicate it three times/ Apply Enterlacement with espacement set to 2 then the next layer 3 and the last at 4. close the top two layers
 Type out I am a bad boy in the century Gothic font size 12 in black. place on every other line behind the main tube.
 Type your name in a large script font and add noise at 100.
 Add your license  umber and artist URL.
 To animate copy the duplicate layers and place in animation shop. Change the speed to 40 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bee Happy

Artist-Robert Alvarado
Kit-Don't worry bee happy
Designer-Gimptastic Scraps
Template-temp383 by Missy found here
Font- FTU Strawberry limeade- Dafont .com
Xenofex2 Constellations
Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Glass
Mura Seamless- Emboss Alpha

Open template Resize at 650 pixels wide and delete the Cr and wordart layers.
Copy and paste paper5 into the lg pink rectangle layer.
Use Brightness and Contrast tool to change the thin rectangle to the color black.-255 and 100 are the settings.Resize the beads element by 50%,duplicate and mirror.
Merge the right and left large circle. Resize paper and paste the paper 3 into a new raster layer.
Merge square1 and 2 and paste paper 8 into selection of a new raster layer, duplicate and change the blend to hard light. Resize frame1 by 50% and free rotate 5 to the left. Place over the left square. Duplicate and move down to extend the frame then erase the bottom of the first frame and merge. Duplicate and mirror.
Resize frame 2 by 80% and place over the  circle back layer. Resize the circle by 80% and move down to the center of the frame.
Merge square left and right. Change the color to white by way of brightness and contrast tool then add noise at 100 monochrome mixed.
Place the corner element,duplicate,mirror and merge. Then activate the glitter squares and invert to delete excess.
Floodfill your square center in a dark grey then place your closeup tubes in the square. activate,invert and delete the excess tube. Change the blend to Luminance and opacity to 53.
Place mirrored doodle 1 then duplicate flip and mirror again.
Copy and paste paper5 into the circles layers. Duplicate change the blend to multiply and add Edge enhance to both layers and Xenofex2 constellations to both layers. Activate and add selection borders size 3 , add a new raster layer and floofill it in black. add Eye Candy Glass and a drop shadow.
Resize the bottle cap by 150%and place in the center circle.
Place bee1 on the left circle,duplicate and mirror.
Free rotate the bow 5 to the left and place to the top right.
Resize the bubble by 50%,place to the left,duplicate and mirror. merge down,duplicate and move to the last layer.
Add your main tube resize by 75%, duplicate and change the blend to multiply and opacity to 53,
 Place the basket on top of the tube between the beads.
 Resize the flowers at 25% and 15% place around the basket.
Place the candle behind the tube to the right and resize the  honey pot by 75% and place to the left.
 Resize the lemon slice by 25% then again by 80% and place around the candle.
Place wordart,duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
 Add your name, then apply Emboss alpha at default. Then apply a gradient glow.
 Add your license number and artist URL. 
Thanks for looking

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tube used in this tut is By Elias Chatzoudis called Diasy 
Template 387 by Missy found here for download
FTU kit  called Tumbleweeds is found here and here
Blog is closed use a kit of your own  to follow tut sorry edited 6/12 15
FTU Font Sverige Script Deco
WSL mask 99
Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
VM Tool Box- Crystal Ball
Xero- Nostalgia
Sandflower-Colorize Sepia

 Open your template and delete the wordart and CR layers.
 Expand your canvas to 600 on the height to give you some room.
 Place your main tube in the center.
Resize the fence by 15% and place at the bottom edge of your tube,
Resize the tumbleweed by 10% and free rotate 90 to the left. Place at the front  right side of the fence. Duplicate it,mirror and place behind the fence. Duplicate it again and resize by 65% and place around the fence .
Resize Cactus1 by 10% and cactus2 by 8%.
 Resize the weed,dead man's hand , badge and desert bloom by 10%
 Resize the screw by 25% and jail keys by 15%
 Resize the frame by 15% and free rotate it 10 to the left. place over the frame .Duplicate it and free rotate it 20 to the right and place over the copy of the frame.
Erase the outlaw wording on the frame on the right and both frames over hang past the original size.
Activate the frame background layers and paste the wanted element as a new layer,invert and delete. Do this for both. Paste the wanted element again but resize it 10% and free rotate it 10 to the right.
On the left add the mirrored closeup and delete the excess tube. Apply Xero Nostagia with these settings:
-24,-24,-19,18,12,36 and change the blend to Luminace.
Duplicate the main tube and lower the opacity to 31 and apply Sandflower -colorize sepia with these settings:
217,162,148,255. Using your free hand selection tool select the inside of the frame in the wanted poster and delete the tube excess.
Flood fill circle2 with a gradient matching your tube then resize word art2 by 10% and place around to fill the circle. then erase the excess.
 Copy and paste the horizon paper into selection of the circle layer, repeat with BG tree with the rectangle layer and sands paper with the small circle layers.
 on the sm circle layer on the right i duplicated the paper and changed the blend to multiply.
Resize border2 by 5% and place around the rectangle layer.
 Colorize the dotted layers to match your scraps by way of the color changer tool.
Activate the thin rectangle layer and copy /paste the suede element into selection.
 Draw a small circle in the color blue from the tube's hat or color from the kit and apply VM Toolbox Crystal ball at default then resize it by 2% and apply Mura Meister copies preset seamless number set to 114 and move to the last layer. then duplicate mirror and flip.
Duplicate your main tube and change the blend to soft light. Add a drop shadow of 2,10,45,15 black. Add this same drop shadow to the tall cactus and jail keys. the rest of the tag gets 2,2,56,5, black
Resize the barn wood paper by 25% and apply your mask.
 Add your name and apply noise ,uniform,monochrome at 50. Add a thin gradient glow and drop shadow.
 Add you license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Natural Beauty

Tube/Image-Arctic Dream
Artist-Jon Rattenbury 
FTU Kit-Monochrome
Designer-MizTeeques Scraps Download HERE
Fonts-Copper Alt Caps and Classic Alt Caps
Mask- WSL 297 found here
Eye Candy 4- Jiggle
Animation shop needed

Start off with a 600 by 600 work space flood filled in white.
Open frame 1 and resize by 600 pixels high then free rotate 90 to the left. Paste onto canvas.
Grab your image and resize it by 50% and place behind the frame. Click inside the frame and expand by 5 invert and delete.
 Paste the image again behind the frame background we just made and apply the mask. Merge the group and resize by 90%.
Place the tube over the frame layer ,add a drop shadow and duplicate it. Apply the mask to the bottom tube. Then erase the bits that are sharp edged on the top tube to blend.
 Duplicate the frame three times and apply a drop shadow to the bottom frame. on the top three frames apply VM Natural Sparkle at size 16 seed at 142, the next layer seed 150 then the third at 161. Hide the top two frames for animating later.
Freehand select the Aurora Borealis and promote the layer.
 Duplicate it twice for three layers and apply Eye Candy Jiggle at default and change the seed for each layer. close the top two layers.
 Resize element 39 and 14 by 80%.
 Duplicate element 14,mirror and flip
 Add element 32 , free rotate and resize. Add your word art in the Copper Alt Caps font
Add your name, license number and artist URL.
 To animate copy the three merged frames to AS.
 Apply image transition fade at 2.4 sec and 2 frames. Change the frame properties to 40 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking