Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bee Happy

Artist-Robert Alvarado
Kit-Don't worry bee happy
Designer-Gimptastic Scraps
Template-temp383 by Missy found here
Font- FTU Strawberry limeade- Dafont .com
Xenofex2 Constellations
Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Glass
Mura Seamless- Emboss Alpha

Open template Resize at 650 pixels wide and delete the Cr and wordart layers.
Copy and paste paper5 into the lg pink rectangle layer.
Use Brightness and Contrast tool to change the thin rectangle to the color black.-255 and 100 are the settings.Resize the beads element by 50%,duplicate and mirror.
Merge the right and left large circle. Resize paper and paste the paper 3 into a new raster layer.
Merge square1 and 2 and paste paper 8 into selection of a new raster layer, duplicate and change the blend to hard light. Resize frame1 by 50% and free rotate 5 to the left. Place over the left square. Duplicate and move down to extend the frame then erase the bottom of the first frame and merge. Duplicate and mirror.
Resize frame 2 by 80% and place over the  circle back layer. Resize the circle by 80% and move down to the center of the frame.
Merge square left and right. Change the color to white by way of brightness and contrast tool then add noise at 100 monochrome mixed.
Place the corner element,duplicate,mirror and merge. Then activate the glitter squares and invert to delete excess.
Floodfill your square center in a dark grey then place your closeup tubes in the square. activate,invert and delete the excess tube. Change the blend to Luminance and opacity to 53.
Place mirrored doodle 1 then duplicate flip and mirror again.
Copy and paste paper5 into the circles layers. Duplicate change the blend to multiply and add Edge enhance to both layers and Xenofex2 constellations to both layers. Activate and add selection borders size 3 , add a new raster layer and floofill it in black. add Eye Candy Glass and a drop shadow.
Resize the bottle cap by 150%and place in the center circle.
Place bee1 on the left circle,duplicate and mirror.
Free rotate the bow 5 to the left and place to the top right.
Resize the bubble by 50%,place to the left,duplicate and mirror. merge down,duplicate and move to the last layer.
Add your main tube resize by 75%, duplicate and change the blend to multiply and opacity to 53,
 Place the basket on top of the tube between the beads.
 Resize the flowers at 25% and 15% place around the basket.
Place the candle behind the tube to the right and resize the  honey pot by 75% and place to the left.
 Resize the lemon slice by 25% then again by 80% and place around the candle.
Place wordart,duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
 Add your name, then apply Emboss alpha at default. Then apply a gradient glow.
 Add your license number and artist URL. 
Thanks for looking

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