Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got Milk?

Tube-Rita by Newpopart  
FTU Kit By Alika Scraps called Loveable Pink Princess Found here
Template 441 by Missy Found here
Mask by Chelle  297 found here
Font  Crispy Found here, pussycat
and a pixel font i used FFF Urban
Filters /Plugins:
Xenofex2- Constellations
 Eye Candy 4Chrome and gradient glow
 Eye Candy 5 -Impact perspective shadow
Xero- Fritillary

Open your template and delete the CR layer, rectangle back and outline layer.
 Place as33 in the center of the template. Then place  your tube on top of the chair.Duplicate the tube twice. On the top tube chnage the blend mode to burn and opacity to 66. The middle tube add a drop shadow of 2,3,18,5 black. On the bottom tube apply Eye Candy Impact-perspective shadow setting set to "wide perspective, in back" and move the nodes to match my picture below
Now close these layers for the moment while we work on the template.
Using the color #f100de and #c2037d  make a linear gradient repeat 1.
Select center circle2 and add a new raster layer. Flood fill it with our gradient and apply Xero Fritllary with these settings:
Under the center circle 3 layer place as 19 aligning it with the center circle layer then delete it
Resize as30 by 80% and place on each side, mirror and flip.
Add a thick gradient glow with the #f100de color to the frame 1 and 2 layers.
Copy/paste paper 3 into the selection of frame background 1 and 2. then place the closeup tube in each frame. invert and delete the excess. Change the blend to luminance. Using a pixel font type " Got Milk?" align to center then convert to raster and apply Mura Mesiter copies Tiling angled and spaced at 2. Merge the frame backgrounds, activate them invert and delete the wordart tiling excess. Change the blend to soft light.
Activate circle1 and contract by 10. place  as18 and over the circle and hit delete. Duplicate the mirror ball.mirror and move over the circle on the left. Apply Eye Candy 4 chrome settings set to black latex to the circle 1 and2 layers. Duplicate both layers and change the blend on the top to multiply.
Resize as26 by 50% and place over the star layers then delete the stars.
Merge the rounded edge rectangles and copy paste paper9 into selection.
Activate center circle 4 and add a new raster layer flood fill it with the same gradient as before but change the angle to 45 and the repeat to 3. Apply the same filter as before,Selections-modify-selection borders size 4 -Brightness/contrast settings to-255 and 100 .
 Copy/paste paper 7 into selection of the rectangle layer.
Flood fill square1 and 2 layers using the color changer tool with the #f100de color.
AS21 is placed at the last layer,duplicate it and change  the blend to multiply,
Merge it down and duplicate it. Mirror then flip.
Flood fill a new raster layer with the first gradient we used and apply your mask.
 To make our circular wordart draw a circle the size of the frame we place on the template. Do not convert to raster,grab your text tool and click the edge of the circle type using the pussycat font sized 48 in black." I can do your body good" Close the circle layer then convert to raster. Apply black latex again then a thick gradient glow using two colors.
Resize as16 by 50% and place on the top of the circle. merge them down and drop shadow.
 Open your tube layers and chair layer.
 Add desired elements to the tag starting off at 50% resizing then adjusting from there if needed.
 Add your name, artist URL and license number.
 Thanks for looking

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