Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Natural Beauty

Tube/Image-Arctic Dream
Artist-Jon Rattenbury 
FTU Kit-Monochrome
Designer-MizTeeques Scraps Download HERE
Fonts-Copper Alt Caps and Classic Alt Caps
Mask- WSL 297 found here
Eye Candy 4- Jiggle
Animation shop needed

Start off with a 600 by 600 work space flood filled in white.
Open frame 1 and resize by 600 pixels high then free rotate 90 to the left. Paste onto canvas.
Grab your image and resize it by 50% and place behind the frame. Click inside the frame and expand by 5 invert and delete.
 Paste the image again behind the frame background we just made and apply the mask. Merge the group and resize by 90%.
Place the tube over the frame layer ,add a drop shadow and duplicate it. Apply the mask to the bottom tube. Then erase the bits that are sharp edged on the top tube to blend.
 Duplicate the frame three times and apply a drop shadow to the bottom frame. on the top three frames apply VM Natural Sparkle at size 16 seed at 142, the next layer seed 150 then the third at 161. Hide the top two frames for animating later.
Freehand select the Aurora Borealis and promote the layer.
 Duplicate it twice for three layers and apply Eye Candy Jiggle at default and change the seed for each layer. close the top two layers.
 Resize element 39 and 14 by 80%.
 Duplicate element 14,mirror and flip
 Add element 32 , free rotate and resize. Add your word art in the Copper Alt Caps font
Add your name, license number and artist URL.
 To animate copy the three merged frames to AS.
 Apply image transition fade at 2.4 sec and 2 frames. Change the frame properties to 40 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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