Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tube used in this tut is By Elias Chatzoudis called Diasy 
Template 387 by Missy found here for download
FTU kit  called Tumbleweeds is found here and here
Blog is closed use a kit of your own  to follow tut sorry edited 6/12 15
FTU Font Sverige Script Deco
WSL mask 99
Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
VM Tool Box- Crystal Ball
Xero- Nostalgia
Sandflower-Colorize Sepia

 Open your template and delete the wordart and CR layers.
 Expand your canvas to 600 on the height to give you some room.
 Place your main tube in the center.
Resize the fence by 15% and place at the bottom edge of your tube,
Resize the tumbleweed by 10% and free rotate 90 to the left. Place at the front  right side of the fence. Duplicate it,mirror and place behind the fence. Duplicate it again and resize by 65% and place around the fence .
Resize Cactus1 by 10% and cactus2 by 8%.
 Resize the weed,dead man's hand , badge and desert bloom by 10%
 Resize the screw by 25% and jail keys by 15%
 Resize the frame by 15% and free rotate it 10 to the left. place over the frame .Duplicate it and free rotate it 20 to the right and place over the copy of the frame.
Erase the outlaw wording on the frame on the right and both frames over hang past the original size.
Activate the frame background layers and paste the wanted element as a new layer,invert and delete. Do this for both. Paste the wanted element again but resize it 10% and free rotate it 10 to the right.
On the left add the mirrored closeup and delete the excess tube. Apply Xero Nostagia with these settings:
-24,-24,-19,18,12,36 and change the blend to Luminace.
Duplicate the main tube and lower the opacity to 31 and apply Sandflower -colorize sepia with these settings:
217,162,148,255. Using your free hand selection tool select the inside of the frame in the wanted poster and delete the tube excess.
Flood fill circle2 with a gradient matching your tube then resize word art2 by 10% and place around to fill the circle. then erase the excess.
 Copy and paste the horizon paper into selection of the circle layer, repeat with BG tree with the rectangle layer and sands paper with the small circle layers.
 on the sm circle layer on the right i duplicated the paper and changed the blend to multiply.
Resize border2 by 5% and place around the rectangle layer.
 Colorize the dotted layers to match your scraps by way of the color changer tool.
Activate the thin rectangle layer and copy /paste the suede element into selection.
 Draw a small circle in the color blue from the tube's hat or color from the kit and apply VM Toolbox Crystal ball at default then resize it by 2% and apply Mura Meister copies preset seamless number set to 114 and move to the last layer. then duplicate mirror and flip.
Duplicate your main tube and change the blend to soft light. Add a drop shadow of 2,10,45,15 black. Add this same drop shadow to the tall cactus and jail keys. the rest of the tag gets 2,2,56,5, black
Resize the barn wood paper by 25% and apply your mask.
 Add your name and apply noise ,uniform,monochrome at 50. Add a thin gradient glow and drop shadow.
 Add you license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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