Friday, May 18, 2012

A Pirates Life

Tube Artist Jose Cano 
Template PunkyButts 92 here
FTU Kit-Pirate Booty here
Font Planewalker

Open your template and increase the height to 600.
 Add your main tube to the top center of your template.
 Delete the CR , wordar tlayers,star and small circle layers.
Resize all the papers to 600 pixels.
Resize paper7 by 50% and free rotate 22 to the left. Place over left  rectangle. invert and delete the paper excess.
Repeat on the right side with paper 8.
Resize x marks the spot element by 500 pixel wide and add a gradient glow in red and white. place to the top left , duplicate mirror and flip. these should be placed right above the rectangle layers we just papered.
Resize hat by 500 pixel wide and place between the rectangle, duplicate change the blend to multiply and place you mirrored close up to the right on the hat. change the blend on the tube to  soft light and opacity to 68. Activate the hat ,invert and delete the tube's excess.
Copy and paste paper11 into left circle, paper 12 into right circle and paper1 into left/right circle2.
Copy and paste paper 3 into the center circle.
Copy and paste paper 5 into the center circle frame and the left circle frame. Add an inner bevel to the center frame and noise to the left frame.
Copy and paste paper 6 into the left and right circle 2 frames and add noise. Colorize frame of the right circle to black and add noise.
Flood fill the small left and right circle in a linear gradient. Add the tube part in each circle , change the blend to overlay. Resize the crossbones4 by 25% and change the blend to hard light.
On the bottom rectangle layer copy and paste paper 16 into selection then copy paste paper 13.
 Resize the word art and add the same gradient glow we added before.
Add sand2 resize to 600 pixels around the tag then merge them down and place as the last layer.
Resize tattered ribbon by 25% then 50% and place on each side. erase the over hag then resize the  beads by 25%..
Resize the compass by 25% and the coin by 15%.
 Resize the water droplets by 255 then apply Mura Meister copies wallpaper rotate at default. Or place them around the tag as you wish.
 resize string1 by 500 pixels wide.
 place your main tube, name, license, number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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