Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feathered Beaut

KIT-The Vintage Angel 
DESIGNER-CrazyCarita Scraps
TUBE-Jessica Dougherty tube found here( mine was from CILM)
FONT-Coneria Script Demo
Greg's Factory Output-Pool Shadow
Adjust Variations- More Cyan
Open a new work space sized 600 by 350
Place fr3sh on to the canvas.Free rotate it 90 to the left. using your pick tool setting to scale move the frame to the left matching the edge of the node to the edge of the canvas. Reduce the height by pulling the top node down and the bottom node up to match the canvas edge. Sharpen, duplicate and mirror.On your duplicate erase the left side of the frame then merge the two frames down, Duplicate and change the blend to the top frame to hard light.
Activate your background layer, Add a new raster layers and copy paste paper3 into selection.
Click the inside of your frame,invert and promote the layer of the paper we just pasted. Duplicate it three times. then apply Greg's Factory Output- Pool Shadow at default, then the next promoted layer increase all sliders by 10 except the bottom two sliders.
 Close the top three layers for animating later.
Resize all the elements by 50%.
Place element1 at the bottom,duplicate,mirror,merge down,duplicate again and change the blend to hard light.
Repeat with element9 but change the blend to multiply. Move these layers under the frame.
Place your tube between the feather and color swatch layer and apply Adjust More Cyan to the tube.
Lower the opacity to 87.
Place the cage right under the framer layer,duplicate and change the blend to hard light.
Place el8 on the left portion of the split bead on the frame,duplicate ,mirror and merge.
 place the wordart on top of the beads,duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
Place el12 on the top merged beads , duplicate and change the blend to hard light,then place el3 right under it.
 type your name,add a bevel to it and Xenofex2 small stars( to animate the name just duplicate it three times before adding the filter and change the seed for each layer)
 Crop your tag,add the artist URL and your license number.
 To animate just copy paste merged copies of each different animated layer to Animation Shop

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