Thursday, June 14, 2012

Space Chick

Tube-Henning Ludvigsen called Space Chick 
FTU kit- called Imaginary Realms. Download here
 Masks By Tori and 20/20 mask
Fonts Infinta and fine Liner
Eye Candy5 Impact-Gradient Glow
VM Natural- Sparkle

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Place paper 22  as a new image and add to your foreground on your materials palette. Add a new raster layer flood fill your layer with the angle set to 45 and apply your  20/20 mask( if you don't have this mask then any misted circular mask will do) Merge group and apply VM Natural- Sparkle size 13 to the layer.
Add another raster layers and flood fill again. Apply your second mask then merge group. Duplicate this layer 4 times. Starting from the top apply  Distort  setting at 999 then Adjust-Blur-Radial at default. Repeat the distort filter at the same setting for the next layer. Te third layer change the number to 436 and the next layer at 215. the last layer stays as is.Close the top four layers.
Place circle3 as the top layer then resize UFO1 by 25% Duplicate it resize at 35% and free rotate it 20 to the right.
Duplicate the smaller UFO. Using your Lighten/Darken Brush set to size 20.
 Starting from the top UFO layer lighten the lights alittle starting from the left.
 then duplicate again and continue to lighten alittle more.

 Do this until you have all the lights lit up .Then duplicate the all lit up UFO and lighten all the lights . You should have 5 layers. Close the top four layers
Resize the beam element by 50% and place under the larger UFO.
 Place your tube in the center
Add your wording in the Infinta font,apply a inner bevel,duplicate, change the blend to multiply and merge down. Apply Eye Candy5 Impact Gradient Glow at these settings:
Add your name and repeat the inner bevel and glow but lower the opacity on the glow slider to 50%.
 Add the artist URL and your license number
To animate this tag Copy a merged copy to Animation Shop.
Then close the bottom duplicates, open the next layers of duplicates and lower the opacity of the beam layer to 77. Merge the tag and copy to Animation shop. Repeat this function and lower the beam layer for each merged copy.
 Once in AS apply  the fade transition to each of the original frames. Select all and change the frame properties to 15.
 Save your tag as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking


  1. Please tell me were can I find the mask by tori

  2. Tori's tidbits but it is for invite only . any mask will do


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