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 Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Place your tube , duplicate,close original and apply Mura Meister Copies- Cards at these settings:
Resize it at 50%. 
Now draw a rectangle with a color that matches your tube in the foreground and background null.
Line style set to solid and width set to 15.The bottom edge of your rectangle should be near the elbow of your tube and alittle under her  top of her hair.The color i used is #ea76c8
 Convert to raster and apply a thick white gradient glow. Apply a drop shadow twice once using -2,-2 5,100 and again using 2,2,,5,100
Once added place your resized cluster to the bottom left, duplicate mirror and merge down together. Duplicate again and flip.
Duplicate the original merged cluster and apply Mura Mesiter Copies Line at default. Move this as your last layer. Duplicate it and apply Filter Factory Gallery F Bubble Distort at default. Change the blend to screen.
 Place your closeup tube on each side,merge then down change the blend to hard light.
Activate this layer, add a new raster layer and flood fill it in a gradient 45 0 repeat linear with the color white and light pink #e9cad0. move this layer above the closeup tubes change the blend to color. 
 Using your freehand selection tool chose the inside of your frame or you can click inside with a magic wand and expand by 5.Invert your selection and delete all the excess layers except for your main tube in the center. we will deal with her later.
Free hand select a rectangular portion of her skirt to create a patter to place in our material palette.
 Copy/Paste as a new image then add to the foreground. place the pink color we used in the gradient as our fill. Draw an elliptical shape down on the bottom of our tag using the  carded cluster as our guide. once done convert to raster, duplicate mirror and merge them down. click the pink layer promote the layer then delete it on the original post. Duplicate the patterned out line three times. add a drop to the bottom and noise to the top three. close the top two layers of the outline.
 On the pink arcs duplicate them twice and apply Filter Factory Gallery G Fractal Magic2 at these settings:
Change control 3 to 164 on the next layer then 255 on the last layer. close the top two layers.
Change the blend to the carded clusters to hard light.
 Activate the top clusters and delete the over hang on the gradient layer over the closeup tube and the closeup tube layer. this is to clean up the image abit.
Using your patter again background set too null and line style dots size width 3 draw a  rectangle on top of the frame. Duplicate it twice and apply noise to each layer.
Type the word yummy in the pharmacy font sized20 in white  drop shadow 0,0,5, 100.
Free hand select the cherry from the tube and place between the wording.
Duplicate your tube three times . place two of them above the frame layer. Add a drop shadow to both bottom tubes of the pair. on the top of the pair change the blend to soft light. close the top two pair above the frame for now. Activate the frame background invert and delete the tubes excess. Open the tube layers and erase the parts over hanging except for the top of her hair and her elbow.
 Crop your tag. Add your name in the color white with a stroke of 1 in the pink we used earlier.
 Add the artist URL and your license number.
 To animate your tag copy merged copies of the different layers. You should have three frames in AS when you are done.
 Apply image transition fade to each frame then select all change the frame properties to 10 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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