Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas IN July

Kit by Sweet Craving found here
Tube by Karina Dale called Red Kelley found at PTE
Font Porcelain
MASK -Laurie Made Me mask 118
Thanks for letting  us share these amazing masks(mask provided after the tut)
Eye Candy 5 Nature- Snow drift

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize frame 1 by 80% then again by 95%
Resize the wreath by 80%, click inside and expand by 20, add paper7 and snow. invert and delete the excess on both layers.
Place paper 10 and apply your mask. Because the mask is light to darken merge group and duplicate until it is to your liking.
Between the paper and snow layers place these resize elements.
Christmas tree 35% and snowy house at 50%Duplicate the snowy house move down until you see the rootop on the bottom. Rotate until it looks like a snow mound.
 Add Eye Candy 5 nature snowdrift at default to the Christmas tree. Repeat on the wreath as well.
Erase any overhang.
 Add christmas light above the snow layer,duplicate and free rotate 10 to the left, duplicate,mirror and shift up to change the light colors. Activate the frame background,invert and delete.
Resize bells and gift1 by 50%. Duplicate them both and change the blend to multiply.
Add your main tube your name and artist URL.
Thanks for looking

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