Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dead Of Night

Kit-Dead Of night
Designer-Gimptastic Scraps Found here for purchase links
Tube-Michael Calandra 
Mask2 by Amy and leah Found here for download
Font Sticky mad found here for download
Animation Shop3 used for animating

Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace.
Place paper 10 on to the canvas and apply your mask. Merge group then duplicate and merge down. Resize by 95%
Resize frame 5 by 95% Click inside,expand by2 and place paper6 into a new raster layer.
Move the scene to where you desire then invert and delete.
 Add your tube under the frame and above the frame. Apply Xero Greyscaler at default to both tube layers. Activate the frame background ,invert selections and delete the bottom tube. Use the eraser tool to erase the bottom bits of the tube. Add a drop shadow to both tube layers.
Resize the tree by 50%
Resize the following elements by 40%-Old bottle,skull pile,cup,book  and candles.
Resize the web and spider by 25%
resize  spooky eyes by 25% then 50% and free rotate them 20 o the left. place over the skull on the book.
Place ghost woman in several positions on the edges of the frame.
Then click inside the edge decor, expand by 2, invert and hit delete for each ghost added.
Resize lightening by 40% and place in different positions behind your tube. i pasted it about three times so three layers is good :)
 Add your name,artist URL and your license number.

 To animate merge a copy of your tag with one lightening layer and all four ghost layers open.
Once pasted to AS unmerge in PSP then close the one bolt layer and open the next. Lower the opacity of the top left ghost and bottom right ghost to 50% then Merge visible and copy/paste after current frame.
Undo the merge visible in PSP, open the next bolt layer,lower the opacity of the two ghost to 35 or 20 then the other two top right and bottom left to 50%.
Next merged tag to paste close all  bolt layers and the top left /bottom right ghosts. Lower the remaining ghost layers to 30-20 opacity.
Once pasted to AS close all ghost layers and duplicate the frame background layer,change the blend to multiply and copy/paste to AS. Apply image transition fade from the last frame to the frame just pasted.
Back as PSP change the blend to the top background layer to screen and paste to AS. Repeat paste the multiplied copy of the tag.
 This should leave you with twelve frames.
 Change the speed by way of frame properties in AS. 
 Frames1 and 2 speed 35
Frame 3 at speed 10
Frame4 at speed 25
 and the rest at speed 10.
Check your tag before saving it as a gif .
 Thanks for looking

Black Cherries

Kit-Black Cherries By Crazy Carita found here for purchase
Tube-Barabara Jensen found here for purchase
Eye Candy4 Chrome
Font -PTU- Nautigal

Animation Shop 3

Open a 600 by 300 canvas and add paper 3
Free rotate el22 25 to the left and place on the right. Duplicate and mirror.
Freehand select the portion of the tag on the outer edges of the element.Place paper7 resized at 50% ,invert selections and delete.Change the blend to this layer hard light.
Place your tube's close up on each side and activate the paper7 layers,invert selection and delete. Change the blend to the tubes to multiply.
Add a drop shadow to the swirl layers.
Place element4 in the center and duplicate twice. On the bottom layer add a drop shadow on the top two layers click the black area,invert selections and apply noise at 100 and 95 on the other layer.
 Close the top layer.
Place el17 on the bottom of the tag,duplicate ,mirror,merge down , duplicate and  change the blend to multiply/opacity to 69.
Resize element 3 and 16 by 25%.
 place your  main tube in the center.
Add your name and apply Eye Candy4 Chrome at black latex setting on default.
Crop your image and select the last layer. Go to Selections modify-Selection border, size 1,Add a new raster layer and flood fill in white. Add a drop shadow.
Add your artist URL and your license number.

To Animate Merge copy and paste to AS.
Undo merge in PSP and change the blend to the closeup tube layers to Dodge, Close the middle glitter layer and open the top layer. Merge copy/paste behind current frame in AS.
Once in AS select all frames and apply Image Transition fade at default to the frist frame.
Then select all again ,Copy and paste behind the last frame. Reverse your frames just pasted then delete the last frame. Select all again and change the frame properties speed to 35.

To make the avatar merge your  tag in PSP.
Open a new canvas sized 150 by 150 and paste your merged tag. 
Remeber to make the same border as you did with the forum tag.
Repeat with the other glitter layer and copy them to AS.

 Save both tags as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall's Soft

Kit-Soft Sentiment by CrazyCarita found here for purchase
Tube- By Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Font- Sweetly broken Found here for down load
Mask- Becky mask 22 -site is now closed
Filters/plugins- Eye Candy5-impact-chrome

Canvas sized 700 by 700 flood filled in white
Add pp7 and apply your mask. Merge the group then duplicate it.
Resize el2 by 95% twice then duplicate it and free rotate it 20 to the left.
Place el23 to the right,duplicate and mirror.
Place el 3 between the cards, click inside of the frames, expand by2, paste pp6,invert and delete.
Place your tube on top of the frame background and duplicate it. move the duplicate above the frames layer.
Activate the frame background invert and delete the bottom tube's excess. on the top tube erase the bits to have her appear she is coming out of the frames.
Place el11 to the left of the tube.
Resize element 14 and 21 by 50%
Free rotate el22 90 to the left then resize  by 80%. Duplicate resize again by 705,mirror and place on top of the suitcase.
 Place el10 mirrored behind the frames, duplicate resize,mirror and place behind the cards.
 Resize el3 by 80% and place around your tag. Add el9 as well and erase the stem for ease of placement.
Add your name apply Eye Candy-Impact- Chrome - Setting to gold
Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall of Dark

Tube by Barbara Jensen-Layered package 32 found here for purchase.
Kit by CrazyCarita called Falling Dark Found here for purchase
Mask by Weescotslasscreation mask 363 found here for down load
Filters/Plugins-Xenofex2-Constellations,Eye Candy4-Chrome,Mura Meister -Copies,Eye Candy5 -Impact

Open your new canvas sized 650 by 650.
Copy element2 and resize it by 80%
Sharpen,click inside the frames using your magic wand feather set to 25.
Add a new raster layer and paste paper5 into selection.Open element26 and place on the left and right frame. Invert selections and delete the element's excess. lower the opacity of the elements to  38.
 Open element38 and resize by 35%.Apply Mura Meister -Copies- Glob at these settings:
Once applied move to the top left hand corner of the frame. Duplicate and mirror,Duplicate again,flip and place on the bottom right corner. Duplicate once again , mirror and merge all the leaves layers. Add your drop shadow and move this merged layer below the frame.
Place element20 under the leaves layer to the top right hand corner of your canvas.
Resize element 25 by 25% and place over the moon.Apply Drop shadow twice.
 Resize element12 by 25% place on the top left hand corner of the frame. Duplicate and mirror.
Resize element32 by 50%,free rotate it 90 to the left and mirror. See tag for placement.
Open your tube and place in the center of the canvas.If you choose to animate the tube choose  different accessories for your second tube and lower you opacity to align the tube correctly. Then return to 100 opacity and close the layer.
 Add your drop shadow to both tube layers.I worked with the winged version open for placement of the elements.
Resize element24 by 40% place at the base of the tube then duplicate resize again at 80% and mirror.
Resize element27 by 35% twice and place in the center and the right side of the skulls.
Resize element31 by 65%,free rotate 90 to the left and place behind and below the  skulls on the left. Duplicate mirror and move up a little.
Resize element 23 by 35%,duplicate and mirror.
Resize element 11 by 35% and place to the left. Duplicate and move o the right. Duplicate again,resize by 80% and move it down to the bottom right.
 open element33 and place behind the tube layer to the right.Apply Eye Candy4 -chrome setting to platinum
 Using your warp tool set to push and sized 250 warp your web in three places to attach the tips to the frame on the top three and the bottom tip to the pumpkin.
Duplicate the web and add Eye Candy 5-perspective shadow with these setting:

( if animating continue with the following below if not just add your name and license info)
Duplicate the non-drop shadowed web three times. you should have 5 layers . Four without drop shadows and one with.
 Add Xenofex2 Constellations to the top four webbed layers with these settings:
Change the seed for each layer then close the top three layers for animating later.
Add you name and license info

To Animate
Duplicate your name three times there should be four layers.
Apply Mehdi filter-Weaver to the top font layer at  size30
Then repeat with the following layers decreasing the size by 5. Close the top three layers
Open you closed tube layer at 100 opacity.
Merge visible and copy/paste to your animating program as a new animation.
Then unmerge your tag in PSP, close the bottom duplicates open the third layer of duplicates
Lower the tube's Opacity to 75 then merge visible and copy/paste to AS behind current frame.
Repeat this function by closing each of the duplicate layers used and lowering the opacity  each time until all duplicates are pasted on to the animating program.
Working on the animation program select all .
Apply Image transition to fade at default.  for each originally pasted frame. When you come to the end. Copy the first frame and paste it behind the last frame. On the second to the last frame apply the fade transition again. Delete the last frame for smooth transition . 
Select all ,Change the speed to 18 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks so much for looking♥