Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black Cherries

Kit-Black Cherries By Crazy Carita found here for purchase
Tube-Barabara Jensen found here for purchase
Eye Candy4 Chrome
Font -PTU- Nautigal

Animation Shop 3

Open a 600 by 300 canvas and add paper 3
Free rotate el22 25 to the left and place on the right. Duplicate and mirror.
Freehand select the portion of the tag on the outer edges of the element.Place paper7 resized at 50% ,invert selections and delete.Change the blend to this layer hard light.
Place your tube's close up on each side and activate the paper7 layers,invert selection and delete. Change the blend to the tubes to multiply.
Add a drop shadow to the swirl layers.
Place element4 in the center and duplicate twice. On the bottom layer add a drop shadow on the top two layers click the black area,invert selections and apply noise at 100 and 95 on the other layer.
 Close the top layer.
Place el17 on the bottom of the tag,duplicate ,mirror,merge down , duplicate and  change the blend to multiply/opacity to 69.
Resize element 3 and 16 by 25%.
 place your  main tube in the center.
Add your name and apply Eye Candy4 Chrome at black latex setting on default.
Crop your image and select the last layer. Go to Selections modify-Selection border, size 1,Add a new raster layer and flood fill in white. Add a drop shadow.
Add your artist URL and your license number.

To Animate Merge copy and paste to AS.
Undo merge in PSP and change the blend to the closeup tube layers to Dodge, Close the middle glitter layer and open the top layer. Merge copy/paste behind current frame in AS.
Once in AS select all frames and apply Image Transition fade at default to the frist frame.
Then select all again ,Copy and paste behind the last frame. Reverse your frames just pasted then delete the last frame. Select all again and change the frame properties speed to 35.

To make the avatar merge your  tag in PSP.
Open a new canvas sized 150 by 150 and paste your merged tag. 
Remeber to make the same border as you did with the forum tag.
Repeat with the other glitter layer and copy them to AS.

 Save both tags as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.

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