Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dead Of Night

Kit-Dead Of night
Designer-Gimptastic Scraps Found here for purchase links
Tube-Michael Calandra 
Mask2 by Amy and leah Found here for download
Font Sticky mad found here for download
Animation Shop3 used for animating

Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace.
Place paper 10 on to the canvas and apply your mask. Merge group then duplicate and merge down. Resize by 95%
Resize frame 5 by 95% Click inside,expand by2 and place paper6 into a new raster layer.
Move the scene to where you desire then invert and delete.
 Add your tube under the frame and above the frame. Apply Xero Greyscaler at default to both tube layers. Activate the frame background ,invert selections and delete the bottom tube. Use the eraser tool to erase the bottom bits of the tube. Add a drop shadow to both tube layers.
Resize the tree by 50%
Resize the following elements by 40%-Old bottle,skull pile,cup,book  and candles.
Resize the web and spider by 25%
resize  spooky eyes by 25% then 50% and free rotate them 20 o the left. place over the skull on the book.
Place ghost woman in several positions on the edges of the frame.
Then click inside the edge decor, expand by 2, invert and hit delete for each ghost added.
Resize lightening by 40% and place in different positions behind your tube. i pasted it about three times so three layers is good :)
 Add your name,artist URL and your license number.

 To animate merge a copy of your tag with one lightening layer and all four ghost layers open.
Once pasted to AS unmerge in PSP then close the one bolt layer and open the next. Lower the opacity of the top left ghost and bottom right ghost to 50% then Merge visible and copy/paste after current frame.
Undo the merge visible in PSP, open the next bolt layer,lower the opacity of the two ghost to 35 or 20 then the other two top right and bottom left to 50%.
Next merged tag to paste close all  bolt layers and the top left /bottom right ghosts. Lower the remaining ghost layers to 30-20 opacity.
Once pasted to AS close all ghost layers and duplicate the frame background layer,change the blend to multiply and copy/paste to AS. Apply image transition fade from the last frame to the frame just pasted.
Back as PSP change the blend to the top background layer to screen and paste to AS. Repeat paste the multiplied copy of the tag.
 This should leave you with twelve frames.
 Change the speed by way of frame properties in AS. 
 Frames1 and 2 speed 35
Frame 3 at speed 10
Frame4 at speed 25
 and the rest at speed 10.
Check your tag before saving it as a gif .
 Thanks for looking

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