Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall's Soft

Kit-Soft Sentiment by CrazyCarita found here for purchase
Tube- By Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Font- Sweetly broken Found here for down load
Mask- Becky mask 22 -site is now closed
Filters/plugins- Eye Candy5-impact-chrome

Canvas sized 700 by 700 flood filled in white
Add pp7 and apply your mask. Merge the group then duplicate it.
Resize el2 by 95% twice then duplicate it and free rotate it 20 to the left.
Place el23 to the right,duplicate and mirror.
Place el 3 between the cards, click inside of the frames, expand by2, paste pp6,invert and delete.
Place your tube on top of the frame background and duplicate it. move the duplicate above the frames layer.
Activate the frame background invert and delete the bottom tube's excess. on the top tube erase the bits to have her appear she is coming out of the frames.
Place el11 to the left of the tube.
Resize element 14 and 21 by 50%
Free rotate el22 90 to the left then resize  by 80%. Duplicate resize again by 705,mirror and place on top of the suitcase.
 Place el10 mirrored behind the frames, duplicate resize,mirror and place behind the cards.
 Resize el3 by 80% and place around your tag. Add el9 as well and erase the stem for ease of placement.
Add your name apply Eye Candy-Impact- Chrome - Setting to gold
Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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