Friday, February 15, 2013

Totally Steamed

Layered tube 38-1 by Barbara Jensen found here for  purchase
Scraps used is by Crazy Carita named Steampunked found here for purchase
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Mask used mask 34 by moonbeams and spiderwebs found here for download
Font used Chateau
Sandflower-Pool Shadow
Drop Shadow for tag-2,-4,40,8 black

 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650 and flood fill background in white.
Add paper 10 and apply your mask. Merge group,duplicate and merge down,duplicate again,mirror and merge down again.
Place el4 and paper6 right under it. Resize the paper by 50 then 80 percent and apply Sandflower -Pool Shadow at default.
Place el28 to the irght of the frame, duplicate,mirror and move behind the frame, Duplicate the mirrored element and flip.
 Add el 16 to the top right,duplicate and mirror.
Place el10 top center, resize el3 by 80% and duplicate.Place both lights to the left of the frame.
Using your selection tool set to rectangular shape select the glass and light bulb of the left lighting fixture, promote layer and change the blend to overlay.Duplicate it change the blend to dodge and opacity to 78.
Resize el1 by 50% and place to the right of the frame above the ivy.
Add the following elements above the frame.
El8,resized el22 at 80% and el11 by 50%.
Free rotate el21 90 to the left and place el6 on top of it.
Resize your layered tube by 80% and place to the right a bit, duplicate add Gaussian blur 6, change the blend to multiply and opacity to 78%
Resize the following elements
el 30 and el 23 at 25%
el 14 and 9 at 65%
el 12,15, 27 and 29 at 50%
 Free rotate el 15 and 12  90 to the right and el 29 20 to the right.
Using the pick tool set to shift alter and move the two right nodes on el9 to appear leaning a bit. Sharpen when done.
Free rotate el 26 90 to the right  then mirror.

Drop shadow all elements and bottom tube. Using your erasure tool erase a bit of the top portion of the lock. Repeat with the jeweled chain and key.
Add your name using paper 1 in your material palette  Add a border sized 1, then add a new raster layer flood fill with a brass gradient and drop shadow. Add an inner bevel to the original name with these settings:
bevel-1 width17 
image numbered from top to bottom-56,20,30,44
light numbered from top to bottom-315,49,21 
color white

Add your artist copyright,URL and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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