Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Bunny

Barbara Jensen tube found here for purchase
Scraps by Crazy Carita called  Hello Spring Mini found here for purchase
Mask by DBV 155 Designs by Vaybs dll here
Script font of choice
Eye Candy4 glass, gradient glow
Xenofex2- Constellations
 Mura's Meister Copies-line
PSP Effects-Distortion-Warp
Drop shadow 3,3,34,6 black

Open new canvas flood filled in white 650 by 650
Add el18 and 16 on top in the middle.
 Duplicate 16 twice resize by 50%,Move one to the top left and free rotate the other 90 to the left.
Resize el 1,12 and 13 by 25%, El 20,8 and 3 by 50%
Place el 10 as your top layer of your tag
Click inside of your frame and expand by 2, add a new raster layer and paste paper5 into selection.
Add your tube  to the outer frame parts activate the paper background you just cropped, invert and delete the tube's excess.
Change the blend to hard light on the left tube and soft light on the right tube.
To make the rainbow open a new canvas sized 100 by 100 and flood fill it with your pastel rainbow gradient set to linear and angle at 0.
Copy paste to your tag and apply Copies-line at default.
Then Apply Effects-Distortion effects-warp at these settings:
Free rotate it 30 to the left.
Apply Xenofex constellations at these settings:
2,99,1,2,100,99 then lower your opacity to33
 Add el 15 free rotate 30 to the left and place under the flower layers.
place paper 5 and crop your tag.
Add your main tube, duplicate it add Gaussian blur at 5 and change the blend to the top tube to screen
Add your name using paper3 in your material palette. Duplicate it and Then apply Eye Candy Glass set to the color white for glass color at default to the bottom font. then apply a thick white gradient glow and change the blend to the top font to Color(legacy)
Add your license number ,artist Copyright and URL