Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bleeding Heart

Tube used is called Hot Tomato by Barbara Jensen Found here in pack 40 pictured below for purchase
Kit used Finding Emo by Crazy Carita Pictured above found here for purchase
Mask of choice
Font Black Lightning found  here for download
Eye Candy 4 -Gradient Glow
Tramages-Accelerating Daisies
SandFlower-Color Boost
Mura Meister-Copies-encircle
Drop Shadow used 3,3,61,6 black

First Let's dress our tube up. Here are the awesome layers i used for the tube above.
Dots-red(duplicated and change the blend mode to the top to multiply)
Dress-black( repeat the same blend on the dress to make it darker)
violet eyeshadow
Ok merge visible and paste to your new canvas sized 650 by 650 flood fill in white
Place el17 behind the tube, click inside the frame using your wand-goto selections-modify-expand by 2.
Go to image-add raster layer-open paper1 and paste into selection. Move this new layer under the frame.
 Open el24 and resize by 35%. Apply Mura Meister copies -encircle at default and place over the paper layer. change the blend mode to multiply. Click inside the circle banner and activate the paper layer. Right click and promote the layer. Apply Tramages-accelerating daisies. (if you want to animate this tag duplictae the promoted layer three times then add the tramages filter to each layer changing the rotation to 124 on one layer then 171 on the next and the last 234)
Resize el18 by 50% and place to the the top left, duplicate m,mirror and merge them together. Free rotate 5 degrees to the right. Click inside , expand by 2, add a new raster layer then paste paper 7 into selection. Apply Sandflower-Color Boosterz at default twice to the paper layer.
Add paper8 as the last layer and apply your mask.
Next we add the elements to the tag.
El 29 resized at 50%
El29b resized at 50% then 80
El6 placed as is behind the tube then duplicated it resized at 50% and applied Adjust-Brightness/contrast-brightness-92 and contrast set to 100.
El5 resized at 65% and free rotate it 5 to the left
El9 and El 14 resized at 50%
El4 and El7 at 65%
El2 at 25%
El11 by 80% mirrored and flipped
El9b resized at35% and placed behind the skull element
 Add your name and a thick gradient glow.
Place the artist URL, your license number and tag line.
Thanks for looking
BELOW is the animated version

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