Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Love Rock N Roll

Tube used in this tutorial is called Anita Joy by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Click the banner to sang this Layered pack 41
Kit used in this tut is called Rock On by Crazy Carita purchased here

Filters/Plugins used:
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow, HSB Noise
Filters Unlimited-Sandflower specials-Pool Shadow Framed

Fonts Used:
Mr Canfields sized 125 pixels
Iskoola Pota sized 400 pixels
 mask of choice
Drop shadow used- 3,337,6 black
Canvas size 650 by 650 flood filled background in white
Animation program used- Jasc Animation Shop3

Tube Dressing:
Layered tube used
Open layers
Belly Chain-Black
Small Bracelet-Black
Hip Tattoo-red blue
Lips-Dark Red
Eye shadow-blue
Dark makeup
Anita Joy no arm Tattoo
Merge visible,copy and paste to a new canvas and hide the layer

Tag assembly
Place EL5 onto the canvas and duplicate it.
Place EL1 behind the wordart to the top left.
Place EL18 above the wordart layer and move up slightly.
Resize EL2 by 50%, duplicate and mirror
Place EL3 behind the wordart to the top right.
Unhide your tube and move above the wordart layer. Match the traffic sign height.
Resize EL23 by 80% and place behind the tube layer.Match the left corner of the net to the vinyl and erase the over hang past the sign on the right.
Using the Iskoola Pota font sized 400 in caps Type the letter "I" in the color black and convert to raster.
Open your Closeup tube dressed in red hair and dark red lips. Apply Xero Emphasis to the tube. Adjust the settings of this filter by color picking the blue from the tattoo and the red from the tattoo and click ok.
Align the portion of the tube over the letter I, Activate the letter layer-Selections-Select all-Selections -Float-Selections-invert , highlight the closeup tube layer and hit your delete key on your keyboard.
Duplicate the closeup tube layer three times. you should have four layers. Crop your tag.
Apply Sandflower-Pool Shadow framed to the top closeup tube layer. Settings as follows- Leave the intensity and lightness at default and change the sliders for each closeup layer, renaming the layers to the number we slide the settings to. the top closeup to is at 51, the next layer at 71,the next layer at 100 and the last at 133. close the top three layers for use in animating the tag later.
We are now gonna create our outline using the EL14. Open this element and using your selection tool select a rectangle shape choosing the center gems area. Copy and paste this as a new image.
 Apply Effects-Image Effects-Seamless Tiling-Settings as follows:
Click the foreground area in your materials palette and click the pattern box, search for the image and click ok.
Activate the letter layer, add a new raster layer and flood fill with your new pattern, sharpen apply Selections-select all-float-modify-contract by 1, Selections-Invert and hit delete on your keyboard.
Duplicate the letter layer and apply Eye Candy Gradient glow setting to fat and size at 3 softness at 0 place this color #b8913c  or color of choice as your first slider and black in your second slider and click ok.
Resize EL21 by 65% and place above the tube layer moving the edge of the piano keys to appear as if it is wrapped around the tube.
Place EL 26 under the piano keys, duplicate and flip. Place the flipped sparkles as the last layer of the tag.
Resize EL4 by 95% and free rotate it 90 to the right. Then I thought too much LOL Rotate it back 10 to the left.
Resize EL12 by 50% and place to the left covering the sharp edge of the keys.
Place EL28 on to the tag and trim it using your rectangular selection tool. First select the first section on the left with the heart and letter "I". Hit delete on your keyboard. Then trim the right side to match the amount on the left.
Now  got to Image-Free Rotate- Rotate 10 to the Left.
Using your magic wand select the black area of your trimmed wordart.
Promote the layer and close the original.
click inside the lettering and expand by 2. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with the gemmed pattern we made.
Duplicate it three times , You should have four layers. Apply Eye Candy4 HSB at default to the top layer and hit seed for each of the other layers. close the top three layers fro animating layer.
Activate the black layer again and promote the layer you should have a thin black outline of the lettering. Repeat the duplication shown above but instead of apply HSB noise apply Xenofex2 constellations at settings of choice. Close the top three layers.
Open EL11 and resize at 50% and place to the bottom right.
 Using your pick tool mode set to free. move the two top corner nodes in a little and the bottom center node up to appear like the headphones are leaning.
 Using the Iskool Pota font sized 10 and type the artist CR, URL, Your license number and tag line.
Using the color #972910 and the gemmed pattered at a stroke of 1 type your name.
Save as a PNG if you are not animating.

Animation Portion
To animate this tag copy and paste a merged version of the tag as a new animation.
Un merge visible and close the bottom duplicate layers that were open. then open the next set of duplicate layers. Merge visible and copy paste to Animation shop after current layer. Repeat this function until you have four frames in AS.
Select all in Animation shop Choose Animation-Frame Properties-display time to 15. Click OK and save as a GIF.
 Thanks so much for looking

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