Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Unveiling

Tube -Unveiled by Barbara Jensen found in pack 42 purchase here

Scrapkit-Sweetness By Crazy Carita found here for purchase
Font fleurie
Mask1 by me PACREAM found here for download

Start a workspace 700 by 700 flood filled in white.
Place paper3 and apply your mask.
Place 10 resize it by 50% place el15 and duplicate it three times. Add a drop shadow to the bottom fence and add noise to the top three layers at 40,42,44 noise monochrome
Place el1 click inside,expand by2, add a new raster layer then paste paper 5 into selection.
Place el 16 between the frame and frame background, duplicate mirror and merge.
Place el7 to the left of the frame, duplicate , resize by 80%, free rotate 90 to the left.
Place you tube in the center of the tag.
Duplicate your tube Add a drop shadow to the bottom tube.
Place el 26 and 21 to the right of the tube.
Duplicate the white rose and resize by 50% and mirror.
Free rotate el 24 20 to the right and resize by 80%
Place el25 to the left and resize el 20 by 50%
Resize el 6 and 28 by 25%
El 13 by 20% then 50% and apply an inner bevel . place under the cage to the left. place the bird above it.
Reszie el 11 and 12 by 50% Duplicate 11 mirror and free  rotate 20 to the left.
Add your name, artist URL and CR. your license number and tag line
 If you wish to animate continue to read otherwise save as a PNG.

 To animate the tag duplicate the tube and free hand select the top and bottom lips. Promote layers individually. so the top and bottom lip promoted to their own layer. Move then inward a bit. then close the layers. using your push tool size ten push the bottom and top lip inward. The use your soften tool the same size to soften the area pushed. Now open the lips layers and adjust if need be then merge the lips layer together and merge down with the duplicated tube call this layer lip adjustment.
Duplicate the lip adjustment tube layer and freehand select the eyeball area on both eyes. Using your paint brush tool color the eyeball area in a new raster layer with this color #1d201e or color pick the eyeshadow. using your lighten/darken tool set to the size 5 lights a small area where the eyeball would rest on the lid. Duplicate this closed lid layer. Closed the duplicate and merge the bottom or original to the duplicate of the lip adjustment tube.
To animate the bird duplicate the bird once and move it on the stick we made a little bit then duplicate again. Free hand select the bird omitting the legs/drumsticks and feet.Promote the layer.
Using you pick tool  rotate the bird beak down alittle, duplicate and repeat two more times moving the bird beak down by rotating .
To animate close all top duplicate layers, merge visible and copy/ paste to your animating program. Repeat this with the rest of the duplicate layers. Reset your animation properties to 21 speed and save as a GIF
 Thanks so much for looking

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