Sunday, May 26, 2013

Working Hard

Scrapkit-Crew Only by Chichi Designz found here for purchase
Tube-Arthur Crowe male tubes found here
Fonts- Dulicmer JF here and BN Deep Blue here
Eye Candy4-Gradient Glow
Eye Candy Nature-Water Droplets

Animation Shop 3
Image Transition-Fade

Forum tag sized 600 by 300 flood fill in white.
Place element13 on to the canvas.
Resize paper4 by 25% and place in the material palette. Select the bottom portion of the tag  and flood fill with the pattern.
Resize paper2 by 50% place as the last layer of your tag.
Place your tube in several positions on the top portion of your tag and change th blend to soft light.
Select the two lateral / side triangles and add a new raster layer flood fill the layer with a gradient with colors from the kit. i used #f70c20 and #972910 angle 45 linear 10 repeats.
 Duplicate it three times and apply Eye Candy Nature-Water droplets setting set to small condensation.
Add this to each layer changing the seed for each one. close the top three layers for animating later.
Place element 22 on the top and bottom edges of the tag. Duplicate it and free rotate it 90 to the right, duplicate and mirror. Merge them down. Resize element29 by 50% and place at each corner of the tag, merge them down together.
Place your main tube in the center and apply Xero -radiance at default.
Place elemnets 33 and 44 behind the tube layer.
 Resize the elements below as follows
elements 14, 41 and 54 by 25%
elements7, 24 and 37 by 50%
Duplicate the lighted barricade , mirror and merge. Duplicate it again and lighten the lights using the light/darken tool sized 20. Lighten every other light on one layer and lighten the other lights on the other layer
Type out desired wordart sized 45 in white and change the blend to soft light.
 Add a thin border and flood fill with the gradient
Add your name , add a gradient glow to it,the Artist CR, URL,your license number and tag line.
 To animate add all merged layers to your animating program. Once you have all four frames apply an image transition-fade changing the setting 2 and 3 frames. Select all and change the animation properties to 15 save as a GIF

Open a 150 by 180 workspace flood filled in white.
Using your preset shape draw a triangle line width set to 4.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill the triangle with the gradient we used before.
Merge the forum tag and place in the triangle. Select the inside of the triangle with your magic wand and invert selection delete the excess.
 Resize your tube by 50% and place inside the triangle erase the excess.
Repeat with the lighted barricade. Animate the same way you did with the forum tag. Add the artist CR and your license number save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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