Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blue Punk

Kit By Crazy Carita 
Tube By Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Font- Chameleon Dreams found here for download
Mask2 by me PACream found here for download
Template154 By Pooker found here for download
Xenofex2- Constellations
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow

Open your template and crop it
Delete the CR and all the dotted layers
Place el1 over the strips layer,invert and delete selection.
Place el14 behind the strips layer
Place el12 to the top left,duplicate,mirror and flip
Place el3a above of the frame layer center, duplicate if needed.
Copy and paste paper5 into selection of the black circle and paper1 into selection of the white circles.
Resize el20 by 50% and place over the white top circle change the blend to multiply and opacity to 84.
Place el8 over the strips layers
Place el7 above the pink circle layer in the center and apply Xenofex2-Constellations at desired settings.
Resize el 18 by 120%, sharpen and place over both pink circles layer then delete the original.
Place the light blue section of paper3 over the lt pink rectangle layer, invert selection and delete excess.
Repeat with the flower area of paper4 for the pink rectangle layer.
Resize el2 by 35% and place over the rectangles.
Resize el13 by 25% and place under each button.
Resize el by 50% and place over the black rectangle layer. Duplicate to cover the layers and merge down.
Place el3 on top of the frame on each side.
Copy paste paper7 into selection of the pink square then resize el4 by 50% and change the blend to burn.
Resize el19 by 50% and place on each corner. Reize el15 by 35% sharpen and place in the center.
Resize el 11 by 25% and place over the tip of the cross.
Add paper3 to the canvas apply you mask, merge group , resize by 95%, duplicate, apply Gaussian blur 5 to the bottom mask.
Place your layered tube on the top layer.
Place the wordart under your tube ,add a gradient glow and promote the portion covered by the tube.Erase the wordart layer covering the hand of your tube. Now duplicate your tube.
Freehand select the orbs, color pick the dark eyeshadow and paint the  selected area. using your darken/lighten tool set to size10 color the center of the selection. Then close the layer for animating later.
Place el 5 and 6 under the wordart layer . Appy Xero greyscaler to el6.
Add paper7 to your materials palette as the background  , add a gradient glow and drop shadow.
Add the artist CR, URL and your license number.
Save as a PNG unless you want to animate.
To animate use the pick tool to rotate the gears and moon layers. Choose two frames to use your closed eye tube on and set frame speed to 20.
Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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