Friday, June 21, 2013

Do Not Enter

Scrapkit by Chichi Designz called IB-Vinegar-11-2 found here for purchase
Tube by Vinegar found here for purchase
Font used Bloodfest
Mask 395 by Insatiable Dreams found here for download

Open a 700 by 700 workspace floodfilled in white
Free rotate frame1 90 to the left
Add paper5 behind it, click inside the frame with your magic wand, expand by 2, invert selections and delete the excess.
Add shattered glass above the paper and your tube above the frame layer.
Duplicate your tube add Xero-Radiance at default and Gaussian blur4 to the top tube. Change the blend to soft light and drop shadow the bottom tube.
Place the fog element behind the tube layer matching the sharp edge with the frame on the right.
Resize the moss by 50% and place on each corner of the frame. Resize and mirror the lantern by 25%. Free hand select a crow and resize by 50%.
Resize the tree by 50% and place to the left behind the frame. Resize again by 80% and place to the right.
Resize the wire by 80%,Place the tube to the right and resize by 200% place under the wire layer.
 Add paper4 as the last layer, apply the mask, merge group, activate the mask layer, invert selection and delete the tube's excess. Change the blend on the tube to hard light and the opacity to 37.
Free rotate the wordart 90 to the left and place behind the frame background layer.
Place bloodspatter to the left behind your tube.
Resize frame3 by 50%,place your tube again and resize by 50%.. Click inside the frame and expand by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper6 into selection. Duplicate the selection and place your resized tube between them. Change the blend to the tube to screen opacity 44 and the top paper to soft light.
Resize grammaphone by 70% ,ghost clock by 50%, syringe by 25%, another crow by 50%, bloodyhandbrush by 40%, the moth by 30% duplicate the moss and resize it by 50% again and place around the items.
Add your name, artist CR,URL and your license number.
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