Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fantasy Floral

Kit-Jessica Doughtery 24-1 by Chichi Designz found here for purchase
(coming soon)
Tube-Jamie Kidd found here for purchase
Eye Candy4 HSB Noise
Scipt font of choice

Open a workspace 700by700 floodfilled in white
Resize frame1 by 80%, click inside with your magic wand, add a new raster layer and copy /paste paper1 into selection.
Place your closeup tube and duplicate it. Change the blend on the bottom to hard light and the top tube to screen.Apply Gaussian blur at 3 to the top tube.
Place brush 2 to the bottom left of the canvas behind the frame background. Duplicate and move to the top right. Merge down and duplicate it 3 times(if animating). Apply Eye Candy4 HSB noise hue variation set to zero. Change the seed for each duplicate layer and close the top three.
Place scattered flowers above the tube layer.
Place brush to the top left of the canvas, duplicate,mirror,flip and merge.
Place the clouds at the bottom of the frame.
Resize the scarf at 80% and the leaves at 50%, duplicate the leaves, mirror and merge.
Resize branch and tree at 80%, duplicate the tree and resize it again.
Place sparkle trail, resize the bird and flower at 25%
Mirror butterflies then place to the right.
 To animate freehand select the bodies of each butterfly and promote layer call this layer body.
 Select each butterfly  and promote the layers renaming the layers according to position on the tag. Or call them 1 ,2 3 whatever fits for you best. working with one butterfly layer at a time use your pick tool set to free. Duplicate the butterfly layer of one butterfly and pull the top two nodes inward and the bottom two upward. Duplicate the layer and repeat until you have an open wing layer and three closing wings layers. Repeat with the rest of the butterflies.
 Add your name, apply noise, eye candy glass and gradient glow.
Add your License number Artist Copyright and URL.
 Save as a PNG

 Animate your tag using Animation shop 3
To alternate the butterflies use some open layers and some closed layers. Keep track of your butterflies by using the first frame in AS to monitor which butterflies are opening and which are closing.
 Save a as GIF
Thanks for looking

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