Friday, June 21, 2013

Love Leaves

Scrapkit used Teal Dream Mini By Chichi Designz found here for purchase
Tube by Zindy S. D. Nielsen found here for purchase
Fonts used- Duets and Eternal Call
Mask of choice
Xero-Porcelain and Serious Fog
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow

Open a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize the window element by 95% twice
Place paper4 behind it, clikc the inside of the window using your magic wand, expand by 2, invert selections and delete the excess.
Plcae the clouds under the window layer towards the top.
Resize branch by 80% and place above the window on the left and behind the window on the right.
Place the flower cluster above the branch on the left, duplicate, resize by 80% free hand rotate it using your pick tool to the right and move it under the branch on the right.
Place bubble brush under the window layer and resize it by 90%
Place your tube above the branch layer on the left and apply Xero Porcelain at default, Duplicate add Gaussian blur 3 and change the blend to soft light.
Place flowers2 at the base of the tube and the petals brush above that layer.
Resize curtain, dove and butterflies to fit.
Resize sparkles by 50%
Close your background and merge your tag. Copy and unmerge your tag. Paste copy on top layer and match the edges for no overlaps. Activate your selection on your copy layer.
Selection-Load/save selection-save selection to alpha and click ok
Apply Xero Serious Fog at default to the copy layer.
Selections-load/save selection- load alpha layer-invert selections and hit delete
 then change the blend to soft light opacity to 72
Type out your desired wordart in the duets font and add a fat gradient glow to the desired words
Add your name, artist URL and CR, your license number and tag line.
 Thanks for looking

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