Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Heat

Scrapkit by Chichi Designz called Tropical Vacation found here for purchase

Tube By Ismael Rac found here for purchase
Mask36 by Mizteeques found here for download(fourth down from the top on the left)
Fonts used
Fragrance and Dulicmer JF
Eye Candy5-Imapct-Glass 
Eye Candy 5-Nature-Water drops-Perspiration, Nature Squint-Stylized Layer
Eye candy4 Gradient glow
Xero- Bad Dream

Place paper2 mirrored on your canvas and apply your mask. Merge group then duplicate it and mirror it. Move to the bottom and merge down. Pull the nodes to match the edges of the canvas using your pick tool set to scale.
Place the frame,resize it by 50%,duplicate,mirror and flip.Duplicate one of the frames, resize it by 50% again , move to the top left, duplicate move to the bottom right then merge all the frames down.
 Click inside, expand by 2, add a new raster layer then paste  mirrored paper 2 into selection.
 Apply Eye Candy5-Nature-squint-Stylized layer at default.
Place your tube above the frame layer and apply Xero-Bad Dream at default. Duplicate the tube and apply Gaussian blur at 3 to the top layer and soft light for the blend.
Place the sun element to the left over the tube layer.
Place the wordart at the base of the tube.
 Resize the bathing suit by 40% free rotate it 10 to the left. Free hand select the bikini part ,promote the layer and delete it fro the original. Mirror the promoted layer and place by the letter M. Place the bra portion on the letter S.
 Type out the word " Heat" in black using the Dulcimer JF font and add Eye Candy5 Impact Glass.
Place the sunglasses behind the wordart. Free hand select the lens, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper1 into selection. Resize  sand with drinks by 25% and place on the right lens behind the glasses.
Apply Eye Candy Nature-water drops-perspiration to the glasses.
Resize the parasol by 50% then 60% free rotate it 10 to the right. Place the sand element in from of it.
Add your name with a gradient glow the artist URL,CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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