Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Scrapkit by Crazy Carita called 1001 Stories 

Tube by Maxine Gadd found here for purchase( the tag on the bottom is Alehandra Vanek found at Picsfor design)
Mask By Rebel Designs
MuraMeister Copies
Eye Candy 5 Nature- Smoke
Fonts of choice

Ok Start a workspace 700 by 700
Place el5 on to the left side of the workspace, duplicate, mirror and merge down
Resize el23 by 35% and place behind the frames up in the small rectangular window, duplicate mirror and merge down. duplicate again to darken sharpen more and then drop shadow
Now paste paper1 under the large window of the frame on the left. move the paper to show the top right hand corner, then click inde the frame with your magic wand, expand selections by3, invert selections and hit delete. Repeat with the other frame.
Place el4 on top the two merged frames. Click inside the frame expand, selections by 3, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper2 into selections, do not deselect add your tube above the paper layer, invert selections then delete the tube's excess.
Apply Effects-Photto effects-film and films- Glamour and drop down menu set to warming
 Duplicate your tube layer and change the blend to soft light and the bottom to hard light.
Resize el19 by 35% and place on each side then resize el 21 by 25% and place in the center niche of the top frame and at the arch of the handles of the lanterns.
Resize  elements24,27.28 by 50% and el 12, 30 by 80%
Apply Eye Candy Nature Smoke set to small wispy and lower the height to 119.39
to the large pink vase or tub LOL
Resize the flowers el 10 and 20 at 25% and 9 at 35%
Place the flowers on the vase then merge them and apply Mura Meister copies glob and arrange them as you wish.
Resize el 16 by 35% and place around
 then resize el6  by 20% free rotate it 10 to the right and place on top.
Add the word art, duplicate, soft light the top
 Add paper6 and apply your mask. I merged the group then used my pick tool to pull the mask closer to the elements then Cropped my tag.
 Add a name, Artist CR, URL and my license number.
 Thanks for looking
 Below is another version with a brush added

Monday, July 29, 2013

Eternal Love

Scrapkit Used Deeply In Love by Crazy Carita 
Tube by Dark Yarrow Found here for purchase
Font AL Fantasy and Billions Of Stars
Mask chichi mask6
Eye Candy4 Chrome
 Eye Candy5 Impact- Glass
Xenofex 2 Cracks
Mura Meister Copies

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace and place el10 , resize it by 90% and place to the right.
Place el2 behind it and el 28 resized at 60% on top of it.
Resize paper3 by 80% twice , click inside the top frame with your magic wand expand by 3, invert selection and delete the paper excess.
Duplicate the paper change the blend to multiply and merge down.
 Duplicate the paper layer. On the bottom layer apply Eye Candy5- Impact Glass - setting to clear glass
On the  top paper apply Xenofex2 Cracks- setting to gouges and change the blend to screen
 Place your tube between the paper layers, duplicate it and change the blend on the top tube to dodge.
Erase any part of your tube hanging past the frame.
Place el 21 and 22 on the bottom left. Free rotate the paper 20 to the left.
 Resize el12 and 24 bu 25% and free rotate them 20 to the left. Change the blend to the winged frame to screen opacity to 53
 Using the billion stars font in white I typed the lyrics to frozen by Madonna. You can choose anything to type or leave it blank. Free rotate your wording 20 to the left .
Place el23a  and el1 behind the frames
place el16 mirrored to the bottom right, duplicate resize by 80
5 and free rotate it 20 to the right. move it to the left a bit.
 Place7 resize by 25% and apply Mura Meister Copies- Wallpaper perspective- random, wraparound, behind . settings set to 21,45,-14,0,-271 and the rest at default, resize by 505 then place on top of the leaves.
Resize el 7 by 80%, el 15 by 40%,el 26 by 50% and el 3 by 65%
 Add your name, artist URL, CR ad your license number
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sophisticated Forum set

Scrapkit used is by Chichi Designz  Jennifer Janesko July 2012 found here for purchase
4Tubes used is by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
 Font used Scriptina
Filters/Plugins used
Eye candy 4 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5  Textures
LenK site of wonders- Antonio
Xero- Radiance
Animation shop used for animated tag

 Start with the forum tag sized 250 by 600
 Place paper2 and match the top left upper edge of the paper to the canvas.
 place your first close up to the right and change the blend to soft light. Place the second closeup tube in the center under the previous tube and change the blend to screen. Place your third closeup to the to the left and change the blend to  burn opacity to 95, duplicate and change the blend to screen.
Place the brush to the bottom of the tag then add your main tube, duplicate it, add gaussian blur 5 to the top tube and Film and filters-glamour- setting to champagne. Apply Xero radiance to the bottom tube at these settings: 144, 123,243, 145
Place the flowers element to the left of the tag , duplicate and mirror.
 Duplicate, resize by 50%,free rotate 90 to the left and place on the bottom of the tag twice.
Place the diamond rain element above the paper layer, the sunrays mirrored above it.
Resize the sparkles by 50% and place at the left and right of the tag.
 Place the flower trails
Crop your tag, add a border sized 4 and flood fill it with the dark color from your kit. Apply Eye Candy5 Textures- textured noise - setting to sparkles
Add another border sized1 and flood fill it in black.
 Add your Artist URL, CR and your license number.
Add your name.
Save as a PNG if you are not animating.
 If you are close the main tube layers and border layers.
 Merge visible , copy, then unmerge.
 paste the merged tag right under the main tube layer and apply L and K land of wonders filter set to Antonio at default and change the blend to color(L). then close the layer. Open the main tube layers and the border layers. Merge visible and add to Anination shop as a new animation. then unmerge open the L and K layer merge visible again and copy /paste to AS after current frame.
Working in AS apply image transition effect- Checkered wipe to the first frame settings set to 2 and 4. Alter the frame properties for the first and last frame to 40. the copy frame1 and paste after the last frame.
 Apply the transition effect again to the second to the last frame then delete the last frame once added.
 Save as a GIF.

 To make your avatar open a canvas sized
150 by 180
Copy and paste the merged copy  that we did  for AS and the L and K merged copy. Lock the toggle on each layer then move to the desired area. undo the locks then paste the tube layers lock the toggles on the layers resize the layers by 80% then move to the desired area.
 Make the borders as we did before.
 Add you Artist CR and your license number.
 To animate repeat the pasting we did before to AS and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Purple Flower

Scrap kit by Crazy Carita Called Purple Rain 

Tube by Tanya Jacobsz ( no longer selling tubes)
Mask WSL362 here
Eye Candy4 -Glass
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy4 - Shadowlab
Sandflower-Pool Shadow
Xenofex2- Constellations
Mura Meister-Copies-Line
PSP Filter-Photo Filter-Glamour
 Font-Versitia found here

Open a new canvas sized 600 by 600
Place el30 then place el9 to the top left.Duplicate the lace, mirror, merge, duplicate again , flip and merge down. Duplicate again and change the blend to the top layer to multiply. Apply enhance edge then duplicate one last time and change the blend to multiply.
Duplicate the center frame and change the blend to hard light.
Click inside the frame and expand selections by 3, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 5 into selections. Apply Sandflower pool shadow and alter the sliders until you are satisfied. 
Add your tube  and apply Effects-Photo effects- Film and filters- Glamour- Champagne- density 20
Duplicate the tube add Gaussian blur4 and change the blend to screen opacity 83.
Add Eye Candy 4 Shadowlab direction 356, 8.88,34,10.87, 0 black on the bottom tube.
Click inside the lace frame we made expand selections by 2, add a new raster layer then copy/ paste paper1 into selections. Apply Constellations to this layer. Then place el26 above it twice moving one to the top right and the other to the bottom left. Change the blend to soft light on both.
Place el 4 as the last layer and resize it by 95%
Place paper9 behind it and apply your mask.
Resize el 24 by 50% then free rotate it 90 to the left, duplicate, mirror and place above the first branch then merge down. Place over the edge of the frame layer. Add Mura Meister copies line at the following settings:
Line wraparound behind 3,0,-100  the rest of the settings at default
 Duplicate and mirror, duplicate free rotate 90 to the left and place to the top, duplicate and flip. Erase the over hang far pass the frame see my tags as a reference.
Resize elements 12, 13 and 18 by 50%,19 and 21 by 80%,6 and 29 by 35%
 Free rotate the butterfly 20 to the left. Sharpen all elements and add desired drop shadow. add your name then apply eye candy glass and gradient glow.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number 
Thanks for looking

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fierce Pinup forum set

Scrap kit used is by Crazy Carita a
 Tube used  is by Pinup toons found here for purchase
Font used Zebra
Open a new workspace sized 600 by 250.
Place el5  and paper4 behind it.
Resize paper4 by 50%, click inside the frame with your magic wand, expand selections by 4, invert selections and delete the excess.
Duplicate the paper and change the blend to burn then merge down.
 Add el13 to each side of the frame and merge down.
Place el6 to the left.
Free rotate el19 90 to the left and ally Mura Meister copies line number at 8, duplicate it and move it alittle to the left then merge down.
Resize el 18 and 18b and place around the leaves. Add el22, your tube, name and artist CR, URL and your license number.
If you would like to animate this tag follow along with merging the tag visable then copy/paste to Animation Shop.
 Unmerge visable and activate the paper layer, free rotate it 90 to the right. Then merge visible again and copy/paste after current frame.
Repeat the function above until you have free rotated the paper back to the original potion. Which should be about three to four times. Duplicate the paper layer Now add Adjust-Blur- Radial blur- setting set to spin and strength at 19. Copy to AS then repeat with radial blur and strength set to 100. Activate the original paper layer invert selections and delete the strength 100 layer excess. Paste to AS.
Now to add some drama LOL Duplicate the last paper layer blur 100 and add Eye Candy5 Nature smoke height set to 149, Repeat this and copy to AS until you have the smoke increase and rise up the paper.
 To animate select all in Animation Shop change the frame properties to 25 Copy /paste the first frame last. Activate the second to the last frame and apply image transition fade then delete the last layer.
 Save as a GIF
 To make the avatar just open a new workspace sized 150 by 180 add the merged copy of the smoked background layers.Lock the layers move to the desired portion of the merged tag.\Crop your selection then add you CR, licensne number and name. Animate as usual save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tag showcasing Barbara Jensen New tube and Crazy Carita Scraps

This tag was made with The kit pictured above. 
Grab it here
Pack44 layered tube called Sweet Tart
All available at Barbara Jensen Tubes

Sweet Cider

Tube by Barbara Jensen  in Pack 44 found here for purchase
Scrapkit by Crazy Carita Called "Sweet Cider" can be found here for purchase

Use mask and fonts of choice

Open a new canvas 700 by 700 flood filled in the color white
Place el5 and el14 to the bottom left.
Place el2 int eh center behind them, duplicate and flip.
Resize el 30 by 70%, click inside with your magic wand, expand selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 10 into selections. Apply Effects-Art Media Effects- Brush strokes at default.
Free rotate el 23 10 to the right and el 12 50 to the right. Then resize the string by 65%
Free Rotate el 26 90 to the left, duplicate,mirror, duplicate flip and resize by 80%.
Place el 28 behind the leaves and apply Adjust- Add/remove noise- Add noise at 40
Resize el9 by 50% and mirror. Resize el 11 by 25% and place over the paper changing the blend to soft light.
Resize el 25 by 50% and el13 by 25%
 Resize el 20 by 40% and free rotate it 10 to the left.
 Resize el 22 by 25% and apply Mura Meister Copies wallpaper rotate. Erase any elements cut off by the edge of your canvas.
Place you tube on you tag and apply Effects-Photo effects-Film and Filters- Glamour- filters orange
Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Monday, July 8, 2013

Snags Showcasing Chichi Designz Kit

This tag and snags were made with a New kit by Chichi Desizgns called "Catch a Wave" here for purchase
 Below is the animated version and snags
Click images to enlarge.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Kit used in this tut is by Chichi Designz called Martin Abel  Found here soon

Tube is by Ted Hammond found here for purchase
Font used -Bad Acid found here
Toadies-Where Are You?
Eye Candy 4 Corona

Open a 650 by 650 canvas flood filled in white
Place frame2 on to the canvas and duplicate it twice.
On the bottom frame apply Toadies where are you settings: X-13 and Y-9
Click inside the middle frame ,expand selections by 12, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 6 into selections
Close the top frame for now and drop shadow the top and middle frames.
Place the clouds element to the top right, duplicate and mirror
Place the moon to the left and apply Eye Candy 4 Corona settings set to ION Cloud and decrease the glow to 12.21
Place your tube on to the tag and apply Xero Nostagia at these settings: Sliders from the top down-86,-4,92,15,3,56.
Place tombstone2 to the left behind the tube.
 Resize the rest of the elements as follows
Bird,gate , lantern resized by 25%
House , tree, sign, tombstones and tombstone by 50%
Skeleton by 35%
 Place the leaves twice once under the tube and another under the gate by the house.
Place smoke2. Clean the bottom edge of the tag by opening the closed frame. Move it above the moon layer and erase the portion of the frame covering the moon.
 Add your font apply Corona again but choose a color from the kit.
 Add your Artist CR, URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Lily of the Mist

Scrapkit by Chichi Designz called Rachel Anderson 4-2   Found here for purchase

Tube by Joan Pelaez found here for purchase
Mask WSL363 found here for download
Script font of choice

 Open a canvas flood filed in white sized 650 by 650
Add paper2 and apply the mask, merge group then pull the mask to enlarge using your pick tool set to scale.
Place the mask element from the kit over this layer towards the top.
Place the cluster frame, click inside of the frame, expand selections by 12, add a new raster layer then paste paper5 into selections.
Place the grass element twice. Once below the frame background layer and again above it
Place the cloud above the frame background layer then place your tube.
Apply Xero Grayscaler brightness set to 52 all other sliders at default. then Apply Xero Porcelain settings- green channel 255, blue and red set to 0 all other sliders at default. Apply this again, then duplicate the tube. Add Gaussian blur5, change the blend to screen and the opacity to 97. Drop shadow the bottom tube.
Place the brush element under the frame layer at the bottom of the tag
Resize the leaves element by 75 and place to the bottom right. Duplicate, resize by 80%, mirror and place under the frame. Duplicate gain resize by 65% and place to the top left on top of the frame.
Mirror, resize flower1 by 50%
Place dandelion seeds, Resize flower2 by 40% and place around the tag.
Add your name, Artist URL,CR and your license number.
Thanks for looking