Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fierce Pinup forum set

Scrap kit used is by Crazy Carita a
 Tube used  is by Pinup toons found here for purchase
Font used Zebra
Open a new workspace sized 600 by 250.
Place el5  and paper4 behind it.
Resize paper4 by 50%, click inside the frame with your magic wand, expand selections by 4, invert selections and delete the excess.
Duplicate the paper and change the blend to burn then merge down.
 Add el13 to each side of the frame and merge down.
Place el6 to the left.
Free rotate el19 90 to the left and ally Mura Meister copies line number at 8, duplicate it and move it alittle to the left then merge down.
Resize el 18 and 18b and place around the leaves. Add el22, your tube, name and artist CR, URL and your license number.
If you would like to animate this tag follow along with merging the tag visable then copy/paste to Animation Shop.
 Unmerge visable and activate the paper layer, free rotate it 90 to the right. Then merge visible again and copy/paste after current frame.
Repeat the function above until you have free rotated the paper back to the original potion. Which should be about three to four times. Duplicate the paper layer Now add Adjust-Blur- Radial blur- setting set to spin and strength at 19. Copy to AS then repeat with radial blur and strength set to 100. Activate the original paper layer invert selections and delete the strength 100 layer excess. Paste to AS.
Now to add some drama LOL Duplicate the last paper layer blur 100 and add Eye Candy5 Nature smoke height set to 149, Repeat this and copy to AS until you have the smoke increase and rise up the paper.
 To animate select all in Animation Shop change the frame properties to 25 Copy /paste the first frame last. Activate the second to the last frame and apply image transition fade then delete the last layer.
 Save as a GIF
 To make the avatar just open a new workspace sized 150 by 180 add the merged copy of the smoked background layers.Lock the layers move to the desired portion of the merged tag.\Crop your selection then add you CR, licensne number and name. Animate as usual save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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